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Información General

Excerpt – (3 words)

From person to person, in an e-mail, on a website, or in a conversation is a signal that the message is not only going to be read to the recipient but that the right people are going to understand it.

Taking a real-world example, a person searches for an information resource, finds it online and sees the words: “English Grammar in Use Intermediate” below the title of the resource. Looking at this excerpt, it could be that the person says to himself or herself, “This can be applied to me because I would benefit from the information and resources in the book”.

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University Example

A graduate student is studying the English language and does not understand the grammar of the language. One of the people in his life is his professor and the professor has been teaching him the best way to express himself in English but even with the help of his professor, the graduate student is not going to get it right. The professor comes to the graduate student and says, “Look, I know you understand the language, I can see that and I can understand that you are trying, but the problem is not your skills; it is your understanding of the English language.” The professor continues to talk about the English language and tells the graduate student that understanding the rules of English language comes first and then the skills in English. The professor continues, “In a practical way, the grammar of the language, does not matter and it really does not matter how the sentences are structured, it is not in the language that you are learning, it is how you use and apply the language that counts.” This is not to say that the grammar does not matter but what it is saying is that the grammar does not have to be learned. By this example, the professor is telling the graduate student, “You are going to get it right because you are going to use the rules of the language in a practical and effective way.”

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Student Example

A student is studying for a test when she realizes that she does not understand the grammar of the language. She says to herself, “I know that the teacher has not taught me the grammar of the language, but, I am going to learn it. I am going to study the language and learn it

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In the grammar in use third edition the use comes. Look for a PDF/EPUB. In the grammar in use third edition you begin to see more examples similar to the following. 50 Dun. Murphyâ??s English Grammar in Use is the first choice for intermediate .
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