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Chromatic Aberration

Photoshop comes with a ton of tools that enable users to correct some of the problems that occur when taking a photo. Adobe calls this correction “Post Production.” It’s the process that’s done before the photo is printed or put online. Post Production tools include:

Paint Brush

Lasso Tool

Fill and Stroke

Magic Wand


Vibrance and Saturation


Image Adjustments


Photoshop has many applications that provide a solid baseline of photo and graphics editing tools. From corrections such as eliminating blemishes or color-balancing a photo, to adding your own artwork.

Now this is not a powerful, integrated, or comprehensive photo editor like Adobe Lightroom or Camera Raw, but it does what it can do for you, and well.

Those who find their way into Adobe’s powerhouse will find a vast array of tools that make the process of creating a photo or graphics project simple and easy.

Image Quality

There are a multitude of options available when editing a photo in Photoshop.

The best thing about editing images in Photoshop, even the most basic ones, is that you’ll get the basics right away. It’s common sense: You correct the things that go wrong with a photo.

The bad things: Zoom, Filters, Smudge, Brush, Blur, Color Correction, Rotate, Straighten, and Crop

You’ll probably want to use at least the most basic one of each of these tools in the group of things you’ll find here.

Before launching the program, I recommend loading a sample image from the free web that you will be editing. This will tell you how your tool will affect the image so that you aren’t destroying your project.

Photoshop provides at least three different ways to save your image. The three image formats Photoshop will accept are:

Tagged image file format (TIFF) is a raster image file that can hold one or more layers that have been edited with the filters and other tools. So, Photoshop will have several layers of images inside a single, layered TIFF file.

The JPEG format is a bitmap that stores the images as a collection of pixels. This means that it’s raster image file in the same way TIFF is, so you are limited to one TIFF per image.

The Portable

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The Photoshop update version is at the end of 2019.

For a long time, the Adobe Photoshop Photo Editor is the best photo editor for beginners. There are numerous free photo editors available today, however, few are simple and easy-to-use.

In this post, we have compiled the best online photo editors available today for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. It’s hard to choose the best photo editor, but we’ve done our best to find the best of the best.

Best Photoshop Alternatives

Below, we have listed the most popular online photo editors available today. We have updated the list with free online photo editors that will help you get things done fast.

All the Photoshop alternatives in the list below work on most of the desktop platforms including macOS, Linux and Windows. They’re also available for smartphone and tablet users.

For desktop users:

For Android users:

Online Photo Editors

PhotoJoiner – Online photo editor for free

PhotoJoiner is a photo editing service that allows users to create online albums with their photos. As a service, you can use its online tools and desktop software to edit, combine, edit, adjust and create your photos.

It comes as both a desktop app and an online editor. The desktop app is fully featured and includes the following tools:

Tool # 10: Glove





Creative Cloud Photo Editor – Photo editor for free

The Creative Cloud Photo Editor is a fully-featured online photo editor. It offers the following tools:

Tool # 1: Art Brush

Tool # 2: Sharpen

Tool # 3: Unsharp Mask

Tool # 4: Smart Fix

Tool # 5: Details

Tool # 6: Noise Reduction

Tool # 7: Clone

Tool # 8: Tone

Tool # 9: Pinch

Tool # 10: Unsharp Mask With Radius

Tool # 11: Enhance Contrast

Tool # 12: Brightness/Contrast

Tool # 13: Blemish Fix

Tool # 14: Lighting

Tool # 15: Color

Tool # 16: Red Eye

Tool # 17: Improve Details

Tool # 18: Darken

Tool # 19: Colour

Tool # 20: De-Noise

Tool # 21: Glove

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Canvas Tools allow you to manipulate the canvas as an image.
Folders can help organize images, or you can drag and drop them.
Gradients are used for editing color transition areas. You can create linear or radial gradients.
Histograms show an image’s contrast or tonal range. You can view which colors have the most, or least, contrast.
Layer Adjustment Layers give you a fast way to correct misalignments or overlapping objects.
Liquify creates soft, or blurred edges.
Move and Rotate tools allow you to move and rotate objects on the canvas.
Paths are used to straighten or stroke an image to create an edge. You can quickly select areas to cut or to join.
Perspective lets you flip, stretch or rotate an image in different directions.
Quick Selection lets you click in an image to select only parts of the image you want.
Quick Selection is a powerful tool, but be careful not to include any parts of the image you don’t want to use. You can hide individual objects or parts of an image with the Hide command.
Ribbons allow you to mask out or resize parts of an image.
Scissors can be used to cut an object from another object.
Scrapbooks let you manage collections of images.
Smudge tools are used for softening the edges of images.
Special Effects like Blur, Colorize, Emboss, Erase, Feather, Focus, and Puppet Edges can be used to help make images appear more realistic.
Used in conjunction with other tools and features, they can help you add a greater level of realism and sophistication.

Here are some of the most common Photoshop features. Use them to create captivating and professional graphics.

Adjust layers

Use Adjustment Layers to adjust the shape, contrast, color, or transparency of any selected layer. An Adjustment Layer allows you to make one change to all of the selected layers. Use Adjustment Layers for photo enhancement and paint effects.

Adjustment Layers are separate layers, but they can be created as an overlay on existing layers. When you create an Adjustment Layer, you can drag a layer underneath the Adjustment Layer.

Brightness and contrast

Convert bright or dark areas of an image to shades of gray. To apply a brightness and contrast adjustment to an entire image, choose Image > Adjustments > Brightness-Contrast.

Adjust levels

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