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Forms2Base Lite is a FREE product designed to allow customers to experience forms automation in a trial setting.
This product was designed to be the basis for learning about Forms2Base and to also allow forms automation on a limited set of forms.
For this reason, only certain regions of the application are enabled with this product.
With Forms2Base Lite, the customer can enter data into the forms.
It can also be used to automate the process and transmit the data to a back-end system.
Even though Forms2Base Lite only automates certain regions of a form, it is not just a simple static form that the customer completes, but it also contains interactive elements such as:
? Images from which the customer can choose fields to populate.
? Populate and confirm images/images with a “choose field” option.
? Populate a number of choice fields.
? An order form in which the customer can purchase.
? Confirm order.
? Confirm and allow customer to repeat order.
? Capability for the customer to mark a form as “completed”.
For forms, that do not have a “hidden” mode that allows for a form to be completed, the form can be fully completed with Forms2Base Lite.
“Forms2Base Lite” does not require a license to use with Field2Base, however, to be able to view, edit and create forms, a license for the Field2Base software is required.
This software includes a Forms Designer which can easily be used to create “Smart Forms”.
Examples of Forms2Base Lite Features:
? Allows the user to complete forms in a limited fashion, within a certain region of the form.
? Allows for automated processing of forms through a back-end system.
? Automated or sequential processes that have to be completed for each region of the form.
? Form data can be transmitted via email attachments.
? Can be used to transmit data to an Enterprise “back-end” system using an industry standard XML interface.
Forms2Base Lite is available free of charge to customers for 45 days for the Standard version or 90 days for the Enterprise version.
For the Free Edition, Forms2Base Lite can be used to complete approximately 90% of the form’s total form region.
If the customer intends to complete the entire

Forms2Base Lite With Registration Code

The Forms2Base Lite client is a free
“lite” version of Field2Base Server
software that provides forms
automation for a limited set of forms
and regions.
Field2Base Lite gives those
who want to play with forms
automation a chance to do it
within the software.
Field2Base Lite allows the
creation of Smart Forms

This preview
only shows a portion of the product. To download the full functionality of Forms2Base you need to register as member.
Do not hesitate to contact our sales team for more information regarding Forms2Base and subscribe to our newsletter.

Field2Base is a fields based document automation solution to enable automation of data entry on paper-based forms and e-forms.
Field2Base is the combination of a module and a reader.
Field2Base is supplied to an organisation as a module and provides full fields based document
automation. The organisation may decide to adopt the Field2Base module
entirely or may decide to purchase the standalone reader for use with Field2Base
The Field2Base module automates data entry on paper-based forms and e-forms.
It is the combination of an ActionServer and an HTML or Active-X Web browser reader.
The information in the Field2Base module is displayed in the Web browser reader at the ‘reporting’
Advantages of Field2Base:
? It is the most cost effective form automation solution
? It optimises the effort and time spent with forms data entry
? It can be used across all existing data capture channels, e.g. FP, P-1, eforms
? Its user interface is easily managed by the organisation’s existing
paper process management systems
? Field2Base does not attempt to change the data entry
process of the organisation
? It automates a wide range of paper forms from registers to RFID
? It provides a test, proof, report and audit capability for forms
? Field2Base is relatively low cost
? It is an open standard, enables any organisation to adapt Field2Base
to meet its specific requirements
? All data collected by the Field2Base module is
available by the organisation’s standard reporting
? All ‘field’ data inputted from a form can be

Forms2Base Lite Crack + Registration Code

? This is a trial implementation of the communication protocol (Form Communication Protocol) for Forms2Base that runs on top of the Field2Base product.
? It is aimed at selecting a form automation product for a limited trial.
? It can be used by customers to provide an opinion of the product’s ease of use and reliability.
Field2Base Description:
? A mainframe communication product. The mainframe works with a universal client that includes the ability to edit, create and read forms, and report forms.
? A client for Microsoft Windows® and Apple® operating systems.
? The mainframe client is a version of a stand-alone application, which includes communication functionality, but does not contain the mainframe technology.
? The mainframe client software works with the Field2Base Forms Designer to create forms and forms pages.
? Field2Base provides user support, and this can include training and assistance with getting a forms solution installed, any specialized needs, and customer-requested changes to existing Field2Base code.
? The Field2Base mainframe client can be used in a stand-alone manner without the mainframe.
? Field2Base does not offer any customization for the mainframe software. A customer may have a mainframe and need to customize Field2Base to best fit their needs.
? Some customers may need to use both the mainframe and the Field2Base client on the same Windows® system.
? Field2Base products can be used for entry/re-entry of data, or to re-use prior formatted forms on the company’s Intranet.
? Some Field2Base products provide a template mechanism to create forms.
? Form2Base is for forms editing/creation only, and is not intended for historical archiving.
? Field2Base products can be used with or without web servers.
? Field2Base provides a wizard mechanism, the Web Configuration Wizard. This allows you to change the configuration of a Field2Base server without having to modify any of the specific code in the server.
? Forms2Base Lite is designed to demonstrate the Form Communication Protocol (F2BCP) to prospective customers.
? It cannot be used as a business tool for customers.
? For more information about Field2Base, please contact us using

What’s New in the?

Field2Base has been focused on the paper forms for over 15 years now.
Forms2Base allows forms to be converted to digital forms which can be completed from Tablet PCs.
Documents are opened by a simple double-click, which activates the Forms Designer, an “Object Oriented” Forms Designer.
Advanced document processing functions are available.
Lights and shadows are applied to complete the document and a light outline is provided on all functional elements.
DocuSign, the leading electronic signature and electronic form of choice, is included with the software.
The Forms2Base Lite client is the most complete client available for completing the forms using a Tablet PC.
By default, the user interface for Forms2Base Lite will appear as shown here:
Customers can open and complete a document right out-of-the-box.
There are several ways to open Forms2Base Lite documents:
? Start a Form2Base Lite Server application from the Control Panel
? Open the Forms2Base Lite program folder from the Start menu and double-click on the Form2Base Lite.exe file
? Open the Forms2Base Lite program file from the Start menu and double-click on the Forms2Base Lite.wsf file
? Open a document from the Forms2Base Lite Server application.
All forms in the document must be opened before the Forms2Base Lite server application can be used to process forms on a Tablet PC.
However, all forms in the document may be opened and completed simultaneously using the Forms2Base Lite application.
The “Form Selector” button on the top of the form opens a forms designer for that form, as shown here:
When processing a form, Fields2Base Lite checks the return address for the form and sends the completed form to the default email address for the system.
If Fields2Base Lite finds an email address in the text “Return to” then it sends the form and an email to that address.
If no email address is found in the Return to portion of the form, Fields2Base Lite includes a warning in the form data that this is the case.
By default the form is assumed to have an email address and is sent using the default email address.
If a different address is required, this information is available on the Settings/Options dialog and may be edited:
By default, if no email address is found in the Return to portion of the form, the user who completes

System Requirements For Forms2Base Lite:

Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012
Supported Browser: IE 11, Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera
Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012 IE 11, Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera Platforms: Win 32/64 Bit
Processor: Intel Core i3, i5, i7, or AMD Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7, or Ryzen 9

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