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In addition, EA SPORTS has revealed new game features and improvements.


• THE DOMINANT IN MOTION – FIFA 22 harnesses the HyperMotion engine and advanced match-sim technology to deliver more ball control and dribble moves than ever before.

• FUTURISM – FUTURISM blends real-world physics and full body player animations to deliver realism not seen before in the FIFA franchise.

• NEW PLAYER MOVEMENTS – Player movement and passing animations have been enhanced, with more realistic movements powered by the physics engine and powered by the HyperMotion engine.

• NEW ACCELERATIONS – New hyper accelerations and decelerations introduce speed and dynamism to running and sprinting.

• NEW BALANCE – New dynamic landing and running animations provide more realistic and responsive game play.

• NEW PAIRS OF KNEES – A new, smaller and more responsive set of knees is the result of EA SPORTS’ revolutionary physics engine, the HyperMotion engine. Players can now effectively kick when attacking, and more reliably repel defenders’ challenges.

• NEW BALANCE OF CONTROL – A new control scheme offers variable levels of control, depending on the players’ position on the pitch.

• MOVEMENT-RENDERING – All player animations are now based on high-resolution, full body player models.

• PUTTING THE PLAYER IN CONTROL – The new “Auto Behaviour” system enables players to take control of their game to get the most out of their shots on goal and will protect them from stoppages while also giving them options for who to run to during the restart.

• DRIVE TO IMPROVE THE GAMEPLAY – FIFA 22 provides a wide variety of new attacking animations designed to expand player creativity and enhance player gameplay options on offense.

• NEW FEATURES – True First Touch, Agility, Player Intercepts, and goalkeeper duels are among the many new features included in this year’s edition of the FIFA franchise.

• HYPERMOTION ENGINE – Based on world-first Motion Capture technology, EA SPORTS’ proprietary HyperMotion engine enables more realistic and intelligent physics for gameplay.

• ON-BOARD DATA GATHERING – HyperMotion brings more on-board data in-game, allowing the Physicist to directly impact gameplay. Players’ attributes are


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • New Clubs – Play out your dreams of success at the new 23 clubs in FIFA. The best feature introduced in FIFA – named FIFA 22 – All-new motion capture data gives players more points, more flexibility, and more chances to really express themselves on the pitch. For instance, high-speed tackles, aerial duels, and even getting tackled own the same animation and physics behaviour, with realistic movement such as knees, collisions, and player runs.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team – The new career mode challenges you to design and build the most successful football team in the world. Learn about, and combine, a great range of footballing attributes, kits, and transfers, to create a team that matches your playing style and style of football.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team – The new management mode will put you behind the desk, making quick decisions and seeing how they impact the game. Manage your squad, manage your training sessions, and work with your coach to provide the best squad for you, so you can dominate your friends in your favorite mode.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team – EA SPORTS Drag-and-Drop Player Building – As with previous FIFA titles, a new drag-and-drop system allows you to place the range of more than 17,000 authentic players into FIFA. New features for the editor include D-O-N-t labels that show when a player is Donnarumma, Diktat, or Destroyer, and new buttons that speed the process to put players into the game quickly.


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FIFA is the #1 videogame in the world and the undisputed king of videogame football. And now, it comes to Xbox One. The complete videogame is the perfect mix of the beauty and emotion of professional football, the intensity and strategy of managing your team in-game, and the competition of winning.

Star Power: Players per Customizable Team

Each of the 99 players can be tailored to be any player you want – from an unlikely transfer target to the perfect late-game sub. With new player signings, throughout-the-year player moves and game-specific Player Ratings, you’re always making a choice about who will be key to your team’s victories.

Real Player Motion: New Running Technique

Players are modeled using a new running technique that leverages in-game physics to create more realistic, agile athletes. This, along with innovative Player Trajectories, more varied animations and goal celebrations, add a whole new level of realism that allows you to score and play a more complete brand of football.

Intelligent A.I.

FIFA’s Artificial Intelligence is tasked with reading the game’s environment and making smart decisions for the team. From play planning and passing, to pressing and shooting, each match is won by those who best use the strengths of the intelligent A.I.

Pickup & Play: Pick Up & Play Comes to the Game

Just start the game and join the community. Pick up and play is a new feature of FIFA 17, letting you connect to friends and play matches or tournaments anywhere in the world. EA SPORTS FIFA 17 gives you the option to play for free at anytime or try out some of the game’s new features in our tutorial.

Console Settings: Custom Game Settings

Console settings like in-game commentary, player powers, time limits, and features like next-gen game kits, the all-new Player Physics, and new animations are all offered in-game.

Visual Settings: New Improvements to Visuals

Bold new visual effects, from pitch-to-pitch clearings and atmospheric fog, to new visualizations, from the animated crowd and a sharper game pitch to new goal animations.

MyClub: More Ways to Play with the Game’s Personalized Content

MyClub is a new feature of FIFA that allows for hundreds of new player and team content updates throughout the


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With The Journey, FIFA Ultimate Team players will be able to expand the depth of their squads with more than 2,200 players and 350 player cards to collect throughout the campaign. They will also have the ability to trade, sell and stack within the Game Coins feature in Ultimate Team. This means players will be able to get more of what they want and use gameplay mechanics to build their very own Ultimate Team of dream players.

Offline Training Mode –
The ability to play seamlessly online or offline allows new and returning players to easily transition between modes. Offline mode gives the player the opportunity to learn FIFA 22 and master the game’s controls through a series of training videos and tutorials.

Online Leaderboards –
The improved infrastructure allows FIFA to continue to maintain the high standards of its online platform, which now offers players the chance to display and compare their individual and team-based results to the world.


– Leaderboards – Players can now view their scores on a global scale

– Career Mode Goals – Career Mode goals have been added

– New Clubs – Austria Wien, Everton, Exeter City, Fehérvár, Leeds United and Liverpool

– New Coaches – Jose Mourinho and Hristo Stoichkov

– New stadiums – Stamford Bridge, Anfield, Cardiff City, Anfield, and White Hart Lane

– New Player Cards – Bastian Schweinsteiger and Roberto Carlos

– New Player Types – Former Internationals

– New kits – Corinthians (Classic) and Manchester City (Global)


– Outcast

– Better Crews

– Improved Controls

– Better Communication

– Scoreboards

– Updates

– Better Matchflows

– New Dynamic Weather


– Improved Controls

– Player Interaction

– Player Aim and Controls

– Improved Player Traits

– New Social Commentary

– Intuitive One Touch Passing

– Customizable Game Modes


“It’s a great feeling to be introducing the new season of FIFA to people around the world as the game I helped create,” said Lawrence Goldman. “Bringing together all of the new features from across our franchise lines to create a truly unique game experience is something that only EA Sports can do and I couldn’t be prouder of how the team is


What’s new in Fifa 22:

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