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Additionally, an AI engine called “Sixth Sense” is used to deliver more intelligent and precise strategies and tactics for each player in the real-time. HyperMotion Technology will make 1-on-1 battles on the pitch feel unique, as well as change the way a player’s decisions are handled.

For more information on the features of FIFA 22, please visit the FIFA website.

FIFA 22 is the debut of the new “HyperMotion Technology”, which is a mix between computer graphics and motion capture, and allows the in-game camera to follow the path of any player on the pitch. It delivers more realistic actions and outcomes when players are tackled, carry the ball or fight for space. Players make more realistic decisions based on the actions of their opponents, and spectators can see more details on the pitch. New camera effects also allow them to view players from new perspectives.

For a full list of the gameplay and physical changes, visit the FIFA site or check out our features video here. Read below for details on the gameplay changes featured in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 Introduces “Sixth Sense” AI

Sixth Sense is FIFA 22’s new AI engine which raises the playing field to a new level by offering further insights into the real-time strategies and tactics of every player on the pitch. The AI learns from the player’s past decisions and replicates similar moves to improve its tactics.

For example, if the AI sees that a given tactic is successful in the past (if a good example) and is then used by a player in the same way, then it will try to use that strategy in the future. In the same way, the AI will learn from players’ mistakes and will adapt its tactics to suit the changing circumstances.

The AI also keeps track of all competitive matches played before, so that it can offer the best tactics for each player. Furthermore, the AI uses all gathered information to make a real-time evaluation of each player’s tactical roles based on the needs of the game. It will then distribute formations and strategy accordingly. By contrast, the AI in FIFA 21 would make the same decisions that a human coach would make after watching a game back on a replay.

AI Readiness is a new feature of FIFA 22 that allows spectators to evaluate and set the readiness of a player’s AI for each tactical situation. This will be


Features Key:

  • From trusted FIFA Author* Alan Smith – a longtime FIFA and FUT Front Office contributor and lead designer of the game*.
  • Use ‘Pitch Recognition’ to unlock and customize the new best set of kits and your own player and keeper kits for even greater control over the look and feel of FIFA 22.*
  • Customize your player using millions of data-driven player traits. Unlock traits and improve your team by developing a personal relationship with your players.
  • Draw from a new insight driven player animation system to put more life into the ball and get more out of your crosses and long shots.*
  • New ball physics; new pitch conditions and new weather result in never-before-seen ball movement, control, and behaviour.
  • The all-new ‘Ultimate Team’ mode lets you build the best team in the world: from starting with an Arena Team of your players and best kits.
  • Introducing ‘FIFA World Cup Mode.’ This new mode lets you take to the World stage as the host country and try to bring the World Cup home for the first time since 2006. Mix and match Ultimate Team talent, including players who made the tournament squads of past years, to create a squad capable of beating your opponents on the field and avoiding the knockout stage!


Fifa 22 Free Download

FIFA has won more global awards than any other sports game franchise. FIFA also has the largest sports media following of any videogame franchise and is the most popular sports game franchise of all time. It’s the deepest and most realistic foot-to-ball simulation of any sports game, featuring a dynamic player model engine, more than 1500 officially licensed players and more than 70 official clubs, all of whom play with unique personalities and exhibit player styles that vary from the elite superstars to the elite technicians, while true to their on-pitch ability.

FIFA in the Community

While FIFA is at its core a game of soccer, it is not your typical sports game. FIFA features a multitude of ways for players to get involved in their favorite team. Players can take to the field in Ultimate Team to compete for the FIFA Ultimate Team Challenge Series, compete in the FIFA Cup or Create-a-Club and attempt to build your own squad of superstars. There are also a wide variety of stadiums to visit, like the enormous San Siro in Milan or Wembley’s new addition in London, to meet players and hear behind the scenes stories from their lives and careers.

Home Team Dilemma

Home team advantage is now a mental advantage thanks to the ‘Home Team Dilemma’. Confound your rivals as you learn who your teammates will be by playing on your favourite teams of any era.

Players can still choose their starting 11 or 15 players for their team, but they will be now be randomly allocated with the rest of the squad, no longer having the ability to specifically select their best 11 or 15 players. Other challenges have also been added to Home Team Dilemma: Pass the Ball and Take a Chance.

You’ll be tested at each challenge to see if you’re a born winner, flamboyant maverick or a self-absorbed egotist. As you play, you’ll be rewarded with virtual coins for collecting trophies and interacting with your teammates.

Be a Maverick: In this game of constant adaptation and evolution, maybe you’ve always preferred to be the one who takes a chance rather than the one who is more conservative.

Be a Self-Absorbed Egotist: Do you prefer to play a waiting game, just letting the chips fall where they may, taking the opportunities that fate puts in front of you? This option will often pay off for you but it will also leave you open to


Fifa 22 Torrent

Experience the thrill of owning and controlling your very own football club – from grassroots up – as you assemble an All-Star squad from the best players in the world. Play matches against other footballers and use club-developed gameplay to lead your club to victory.

FIFA Ultimate Team, the most authentic and fun way to play on console, just got bigger and better with FIFA Ultimate Team Premium. With new packs including packs, cards, packs, and more to open, enjoy all-new, legendary players and legendary coaches for club and country.

A New Journey is Calling – The New Journey is calling and so are you… The world is your stage and there’s no looking back with The Journey. Join the The Journey revolution and take the power of dreams to new heights.

THE OFFICIAL FIFA22 CUSTOMISE – With the prestige of a professional footballer and official FIFA badges, this kit will be a true representation of your status. Designed by Icon Sportswire with input from FIFA, the classic team colours will become your trademarked signature.

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What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • In Team Careers, set dynamic tactics and assist your players with the new Tactical Highlights feature, adding a new dynamic to build your team’s chemistry. Use new Team Upgrades and Comps to create your ideal squad.
  • Football games and eSports audiences are now much more connected. Featuring live event integration, along with social and media tools to help you gain inspiration from the best of the action and trends.
  • Enjoy immersive presentation with Enhanced Presentation features, including a new pre-match experience.
  • Improve your critical decisions in Game Management with the unveiling of over 20 New Maneuvers, set-pieces and reaction controls, including the new short corner.


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FIFA is the world’s most popular sports game franchise with a global community of over 550 million players across PC, PS4™ and Xbox One. The FIFA franchise has won multiple awards for best video game including the prestigious Academy Award® for “Best Sports Game.” FIFA is now in its 21st year of development and has shipped more than 50 million units globally.

New Features

First-Person Goalkeeper Controls: The new first-person camera angle gives players the ability to use goalkeeper gloves to control the ball in the air before striking shots on goal.

New Hidden Player Control Challenges: Hidden control challenges allow players to complete subtle actions to help guide teammates into scoring some of the most realistic goals imaginable.

New Assisted Pass Controls: Updated movement controls are now utilized to assists players with nudging the ball to specific passing lanes.

New Call of the Lineup Control: This new audio option allows players to customize what fans hear when the starting 11 are introduced.

New Player Customization: Exclusively available in FIFA Ultimate Team™, new visual customization options allow players to choose their own style by selecting their preferred headwear, kit, shorts, boots, and more.

Improvements to Exhibition Mode: A dynamic soundtrack, crowd re-energization, and more make pre-match action even more frenetic.

Player Ratings Enhancements: Improvements to Rating Calculator include more accurate headway tracking, more accurate strength and speed calculations, and more detailed player attributes.

Additional Player Transfer Options: Players can now be removed from their squad when they are promoted or loaned from the youth team.

New Player Skill Movements: Players are now much more flexible in their movements on the field, allowing them to run, dribble, or shoot with more grace.

New Commentary Team Colors: New commentary team colors allow fans to pick the best match for them and view the on-field action from a new perspective.

New Commentary Track Enhancements: Commentary Team Colors and Commentary Team Collaboration options now available in Commentary, featuring exclusive commentary teams across all match types.

New Commentary VoiceOver Options: New V.O. options allow players to select whether to hear commentary from coaches or commentators, or to toggle between the two.

New Gameplay Improvements

Additional Brand New Player Abilities: Added several unique, never-before-seen player abilities,


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System Requirements:

Windows 10 OS
Minimum 1024 x 768 resolution
Operating System: 64-bit Windows 10
Processor: 2.4 Ghz
Memory: 3 GB RAM
Video card: AMD Radeon HD 6600 Series or NVIDIA 8400 series, or better
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
Additional Notes:
(1) The minimum system requirements are applicable for the free version of the game. The Plus version supports Windows 10 devices with better specs.
(2) There is only

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