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Moontastic – CD Player and Song Searcher for MP3 & WMA

Moontastic is a music player that comes with a built-in search engine. The search function is fully integrated with the audio library, allowing the user to quickly and easily search their collection. The program supports all major file formats and is easily customizable. Some of the more unique features include: a customizable icon, the ability to play images as songs, the ability to stream Internet radio and the ability to stream any type of audio to any audio device. The program is available for both Windows and Linux.
A user-friendly music player
Moontastic is a music player that features a simple interface and small window. Users can search for and play audio files, including MP3s, WMA, WAV, FLAC, OGG and APE, as well as WMA and AAC streams, and embedded music videos. The program also supports Internet radio, with playlists coming from over 100 services, including Spotify, TuneIn and Pandora.
The program can also play still images as a song, letting one listen to a slideshow as they would a music. The program comes with many different skins for a variety of looks, from a clean and simple look to a more advanced, dark skin with a variety of different shades, shapes and colors.
A collection of images can be converted to audio with a simple click, and users have full control over the effect, allowing them to adjust filters, volume and even re-order images. The program also comes with a full set of sound editing tools, such as filters and volume adjustment.
Streaming media can be played in any format, making it easy to stream any type of audio to any device, such as an audio file to a car CD player or an Internet radio to a home stereo.
Users can also import and manage collections from other media players, such as Rhythmbox, Banshee or Songbird, adding more songs to a single collection. The program will also synchronize collections across multiple computers, meaning one collection can be used on multiple computers.
Version 3.1.0 added support for Windows 7, an easier search interface and a better list view. The program also features an Audio Recorder and PIPE support.
Moontastic 3 Description:

Audacity – Audio Editor and Converter for Mac

Audacity is an audio editor and converter for the Mac platform. Users can load and edit audio files as well as record and convert

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KEYMACRO is an easy-to-use and powerful Macro Editor for Windows. Use keyboard shortcuts to automate tedious tasks on a PC.
KEYMACRO Features:
-Record & playback macros
-Recover lost/broken Macros
-Save keyboard shortcuts to its clipboard
-Enable/Disable Macro
-Change Macro Name and location
-Change Macro timing
-Run macros in background
-Start/Stop recording, play/stop
-Enable/Disable Timers
-Add Timers to macros
-Set Timer Length, Interval, Inactivity Time, Time Left, Time Over
-Set Timer Actions
-Change timer looping
-Pause/Resume Timer
-Run in background
-Loop Timers
-Add Timer to Macro
-Add Action to Timer
-Delete Timer
-Delete a Macro
-Delete All Timers
-Add Keyboard Shortcut
-Select the Mouse Cursor
-Run Macro
-Run Keyboard Macro
-Add a new macro
-Set Timer Length, Interval, Inactivity Time, Time Left, Time Over
-Set Timer Actions
-Add keyboard shortcuts to a macro
-Repeat the current Macro
-Start Timer
-Stop Timer
-Pause Timer
-Resume Timer
-Set Pause Timer, Inactivity Time
-Set Inactivity Time
-Set Action after Timer Loop
-Set Action after Timer Stop
-Stop Macro Recording
-Play macro
-Play sound from file or URL
-Stop and play Timer looping
-Pause and play Timer
-Set Timer Length, Interval, Inactivity Time, Time Left, Time Over
-Set Timer Actions
-Add keyboard shortcuts to a macro
-Repeat the current macro
-Start Timer
-Stop Timer
-Pause Timer
-Resume Timer
-Set Pause Timer, Inactivity Time
-Set Inactivity Time
-Set Action after Timer Loop
-Set Action after Timer Stop
-Stop Macro Recording
-Stop and play Timer
-Pause and play Timer
-Set Timer Length, Interval, Inactivity Time, Time Left, Time Over
-Set Timer Actions
-Add keyboard shortcuts to a macro
-Repeat the current macro
-Start Timer


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Elpis (www.elpis.com) is an easy to use Pandora client that allows users from selected countries to listen to online radio stations. The software allows users to search for their favorite bands’ own station and listen to it. A working Pandora account is required (as well as an Internet connection).
A good tool for Pandora users
The program is most valuable to users that already employ Pandora on a regular basis and could benefit from a desktop program with the same functionality. Else, anyone who enjoys listening to music can draw value from this application, as it allows one to listen to tracks from the most popular artists.
Elpis comes with a very professional, black-themed GUI that most users will find pleasant to work with. There are no tabs or menus to confuse users and all navigation is handled by on-screen buttons. All in all, the absence of most otherwise common interface objects makes this software highly intuitive.
A working Pandora account is required
Users should note that before any music can be played, one must meet three requirements: 1. have a working Pandora account; 2. be able to connect to the Internet; 3. connect from either the USA, New Zealand or Australia. For the latter case, one can employ a VPN or proxy program, in order to connect to Pandora.
Once the previously-mentioned criteria are fulfilled, users benefit from the same functionality as the source website. This means themed radio stations can be played and one can even like or dislike songs. Entries are displayed with short descriptions and informative thumbnails.
Users can search for radio stations
One of the great features of this software is that it allows users to search for radio stations. Essentially, all the functionality that the Pandora website offers is available with this small desktop application!
In conclusion, Elpis is a good option for anyone who likes to stream radio stations and has a Pandora account.Q:

The @dev@ prefix is not recognized by IntelliJ Idea

I have just installed IntelliJ Idea and when I open the /src/main/java/com/xxx/xxx folder, it says that “The @dev@ prefix is not recognized by IntelliJ Idea.” How can I fix it?


Run idea.exe again, it should fix the issue.

Carmelo Anthony, for the second straight time, gave up on

What’s New in the Elpis?

Vuze Media Player is a cross-platform media player that features a minimalistic interface. The program can play MP3, WAV, OGG, and various audio formats.
A versatile media player
Vuze is perhaps best thought of as a multimedia player. The software can handle media in a variety of formats and can even support the playback of some DRM protected content. It is also cross-platform, meaning it is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Vuze comes with a simple black-themed GUI and is easy to use. Users can choose to search for stations or presets, in addition to adding their own. A variety of buttons provide users with easy access to popular options and functions.
By default, this program opens files that are compressed in the ZIP archive format. Users will need to decompress the files to be playable.
If Vuze is installed in the program directory, it will open every file that is in the sub-directories and their children. The program will not open programs on the system if users attempt to do so.
Vuze does not require a working Internet connection to run properly, but users will need to download the main Vuze application before they can play music.
Users can also play both files that are embedded in Web pages and media that resides on local storage devices.
It supports output of audio through any of the available audio devices.
Finally, users can use the program to download media from remote servers.
The program is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Vuze Features:

IrfanView is a powerful image viewer with many advanced features. It can be used for many different types of images including JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PCX, and WMF. It is possible to save and open files in virtually any format including ZIP archives, create slideshows and slideshows from pictures and movies, and use PDF files as background images.
The program does not require a working Internet connection to operate. The entire program can be run offline and will still open all files that are on the system.
The software is simple to use, and can be navigated using tabs or the help system. The GUI can be customized to fit specific needs.
IrfanView features many advanced image editing functions, including automatic color correction, the ability to compare two images, perform image comparisons, resize images, add shadows and vignettes, and convert images to a wide range of formats.
It is possible to convert to virtually any format including PDF, PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, WMF, GIF, PCX, PSD, and PNG.

AnyDVD HD is a powerful software application that can be used to recover and play back data that was lost due to a malfunction in the hard drive. The program can be used on all versions

System Requirements For Elpis:

– OS X 10.7 or later
– 256MB RAM
– 1GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
– Windows 7 or later
– Minimum 1GB RAM
– Minimum 512MB graphics RAM
– Version 9.0 or later
– QWERTY keyboard or variant, ANSI layout
Default keyboard:
– Play game without a mouse.
User Interface:
– The user interface of the game consists


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