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To best prepare yourself for challenges in the game, you will have to train your mind, body, and spirit.

? Dragon Roar Training
Learn powerful skills by unleashing the Dragon Spirit of the World Tree.
1. The number of hit points you receive on the Dragon Roar is different depending on the skill level, and a person is required to train for some time. 2. Skill level for Dragon Roar: The skill level for Dragon Roar is different depending on the name of the skill. You can learn multiple skills to raise the skill level as much as possible. For example, be careful to avoid damage when learning “Eloria’s Skill.”

? Dragon Spirit Training
Train and cultivate the Dragon Spirit you received as a reward for completing the quest “Searching the Giant Dragon.”
1. You will receive a different skill when you raise your skill level.


The Black Arrow is a weapon required to enter the Lands Between.

“Black Arrow” can be obtained through the quest “Gathering of Lost Memories” in Nurna’s City.
1. Black Arrow is consumed each time you draw the weapon, so obtain the number of arrows you need beforehand.


Becoming an Elden Lord is all about gaining experience with the aid of friends.

? Gathering Experience in a Dungeon
Gain experience from participating in “Trial of Time,” as a part of the “Invasion of the Giant Dragons.”
1. A dungeon is an area where the monsters you encounter will not attack you. In order to be accepted into a dungeon, you must have the following items: a “Trial of Time,” a “Fighter’s Flute,” a “Dragon Spirit,” and a “Black Arrow.” 2. You can carry items, and you will be able to press [Enter] to enter a dungeon even after you have been defeated. 3. The number of items you can carry is limited.

? Guild Fellowship
Teach other people a skill you have learned.

“Guild Fellowship” is available as an in-game quest.
1. You


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Board game features
    * Turn-based battle
    * Synchronous mode where players can connect to each other via the Connect Kit and play together
    * Multiplayer which allows the play of several players on one device
    * High-quality graphics
    * Moving objects and particle effects
    * An epic drama born from a myth, with an unforgettable cast of characters
  • RPG elements
    * Choose your own adventure: charge in, clearing the dungeon.
    * Strategy: consider the strength of each attack and prepare for the next battle.
    * Dungeon design: intricately detailed landscapes and a rich personality
    * Experience parts of the story from any perspective
  • Beyond the Summoning of Tarnished Souls…

    • Elden Ring features
      * Amazon login required for purchase

      • LADDER
        Access to the Creatures of the Lantzora Forest.
        * You can get yourself new weapons, armor, and magic by starting quests or from the shops.
        * You can raise your battle power and increase the rate of damage.
        * The Lantzora Forest is a place for you to find rare items with different stats and different weapons.
        * You can improve your items in your possession by forging them.
        * You can gamble items to acquire level-up items or by playing Summoning games.
        You can connect your game to a Custom Consoles (PS4 model) that your friends have on the PlayStation Store.
        * Players who own the PlayStation 4 model can add a playable character from the game to a Custom Console.
        * Players who own a Custom Console can play against other players using the Characters.
        * Players can watch the cutscenes using a custom controller.
        Play a game of Summoning for the chance to encounter a rare creature: the Tarnished Soul.
        * Summoned creatures come in three types.
        * Get the upper hand and expand your weapons to fight the difficult monsters.
        * By defeating the boss of the


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        What game engine was used?

        Modifed Bethesda Creation Engine/ Tools.

        Were any video games used as a base?


        Has the game been updated since it’s initial release?

        No, it is the final and complete version.

        What are some of the graphic improvements since the release?

        A great majority of the graphics have been improved, as well as all the text that was previously obscured. In general, the appearance and condition of the game has been greatly improved and many small things have been corrected.

        Was there an end date or goal for the beta test?

        We planned to have the game released as soon as possible after the beta test, but we can’t commit ourselves to an exact date yet. However, we think we are in a position where we can meet the release date.

        Is there any way to improve the graphics?

        We are constantly making changes to improve the graphics and we are also adding more and more things to the game. We will continue to continue to improve the graphics to the point where you can’t tell that it’s the game from a previous version of the beta test. We are making sure that the graphics will be an integral part of the game’s experience.

        Were there any features or game mechanics that weren’t included in the beta version that you want to include?

        There are a lot of features that we wanted to include in the game, but we needed to be very careful because we couldn’t make the content too large. We want to add a vast amount of content and features that will make the game more enjoyable, but we also want to make sure that they are balanced and don’t overwhelm the player’s experience. We are taking the time to make sure that everything we make is useful and the game will improve over time.

        Were there any unexpected issues during the beta test?

        There were a lot of issues that we were trying to iron out during the beta test. We were constantly making adjustments to see if the game was going to be improved or if it was going to be a total disaster, but thanks to the help of our beta testers, we have been able to resolve most of the issues. The game is incredibly fun to play and we are very happy with how the game is going.

        Do you plan to release the game on all the major consoles?

        Yes. The game will be released on PS3, Xbox 360, and the Wii


        Elden Ring [32|64bit]

        10 Gvl

        SFX Sound EFFECT Battle STM

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        What’s new in Elden Ring:


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        Download Elden Ring X64 [Latest]

        1. Extract the download file to get a InstallShield setup file.
        2. Install the InstallShield setup file.
        3. When the setup file is complete, run it.
        4. After the installation completes, there will be a wizard open.
        5. Click on the Next button to proceed to the next step.
        6. Use the default values in the License key list and click next.
        7. Choose the location of your game, and input your key again to click next.
        8. Click on the Install button, and wait for the game to finish downloading.
        9. When the installation finishes, the installation wizard will close.
        10. Click on the Finish button to complete the installation of the game.
        11. Click on the Finish button to close the installer.

        12. Play ELDEN RING: Tarnished.exe

        How to Read your computer files:

        In Windows Explorer press CTRL+A and then CTRL+C

        In Windows Notepad press CTRL+A and then CTRL+C

        How to Play the Game on your computer:

        1. First, you have to download the game on your computer.
        2. Then, you have to double-click on the downloaded file to install it on your computer.
        3. After this, press the red button to launch the game.
        4. Now, your computer should already have the game installed, and it will automatically run the game.
        5. You will see the main menu of the game in the top left corner of your screen.

        How to Play the Game on other computer:

        1. First, you have to download the game on your computer.
        2. Then, you have to copy the downloaded game (ELDEN RING: Tarnished.exe) and paste it into your friend’s computer.
        3. Then, your friend should double-click on the downloaded file to install it on their computer.
        4. After this, press the red button to launch the game.
        5. Now, your friend’s computer should already have the game installed, and it will automatically run the game.
        6. You will see the main menu of the game in the top left corner of your screen.

        About Us

        Elden Rock Games are presently a one man show but are capable of handling projects such as corporate branding, freelance advertisements, promotional videos, and much more. I can


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    System Requirements:

    Player Level:
    Monster Level:
    Recommended: 2.5
    Additional Notes:
    Additional Notes: World Boss War 2.5
    A new world boss is coming to Kuja’s domain. Drop the Master War Mage Warrior and bring her down from the skies.
    Passive: Dark Infusion
    Immediate: Infuse
    An important thing about the Dark Infusion passive is that it will transfer your existing