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EFU-1 is more than another delay plugin. Besides all the basic functions (host sync or milliseconds, digital/tape/analog sound, modulation) it features a distinctive freeze function; like some famous hardware delay units, the delay buffer can act like a sampler. Up to 4/1 bars of input signal can be recorded (or lets better say: frozen) and continously played back at a selectable speed – even reverse. But EFU-1 is more flexible than hardware devices: while a frozen audio segment is played back, the delay unit remains useable – even at a different delay time / sync divider! Also to hold and freeze a signal it is possible to first choose “record” and then send audio to the plugin, or you continously play thru the delay and if the “last loop” was interesting, you hit “Record” to freeze it! And while the recorded phrase is played back – even reverse, you may continue to play along with it thru the delay at a different time setting. By the way: feedback can be cranked up until nearly endless, and in millisecond mode, the delay time can be changed smoothly from many seconds to very short – producing these famous dub sounds! EFU-1 can become your ideal utility for enhancing your sounds due to its ease of use, low CPU usage as well as complex musical functionality.







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EFU-1 Crack Keygen can be used as a powerful and versatile delay and modulation plugin for most modern DAWs including Cubase, Ableton Live, Logic, Nuendo, Reaper, FL Studio and more. Features: Records or plays back up to 4/1 bars of signal, see individual bars in the controls to select the length, and send the audio to or from the device – see post / send Freezes the input or output signal – see freeze buttons, channel selectable – see freeze parameters Selectable timebase: seconds, milliseconds, microseconds Selectable sync divider: 1,2,4,8,16 – see sync for details on setting the timebase to the lowest precision Digital Tape Playback via a digital input or USB interface Tape Playback via a tape input or output device Clock Sync Output – set the clock sync of your host (most DAWs) to these settings DIGITAL OUTPUT – ship it out via USB or Digital Tape Playback ANALOG INPUT – headphones Headphones Volume control (coming soon) Analog OUTPUT – soldered ATX1208 chip Watch the demo video below to get a basic idea of how to get started with the plugin. Have fun, and… Eventide H264 Encoder for Pro Tools RTAS – x64 Publish date: 2010-07-31 H264 Streaming If you own a Mac or a Windows PC there is a possibility to use Eventide H264 encoder for your system – which is a very powerful program to convert your analogue source into a digital file. The product is available as a standalone program or in the form of a plug-in for Pro Tools. The product is targeted primarily at video producers. How to convert an analogue source into a digital file in an easy way. Introductory Guide of H264 Streaming H264 Streaming is a method to upload your video data into the internet. The idea is very simple: The encoder converts your analogue source into a digital file. This digital file is then saved on the computer or on the web and is available to other visitors on your website. The encoder can be used as both a stand-alone product and as a plug-in for your audio production software like Pro Tools and Logic. The encoder produces small files which are very useful for internet streaming. They are so small that they can be used as digital live streaming

EFU-1 Keygen

* Up to 8 bars of input signal can be recorded with (cue) time sync * Delay time, sync divider and feedback can be changed during recording * Sends last “loop” to the plugin * Frozen segments can be recorded or played back at a selectable speed. (4/1 bars!) * One input signal for delay/mix * In 1:1 mode, tempo/key change while recording * In 1:1 mode, Input 1’s pitch bend functionality (crank up to infinite!) * In 1:1 mode, lfo settings are applied to the saved loop * A “Last Loop” sequence for the recorded segments (mainly useful for tempo changes) * In 1:1 mode, “counter value” feature (default 01:00:00) * In reverse, even play 0:01:00 * Delay time can be changed smoothly from many seconds to very short (millisecond mode) * Delay time & sync divider can be changed during playback * Signals can be sent from the delay unit to the host. (gate, send, pitch bend) * In the mixer of the delay unit, the pitch bend setting is applied to the saved loop * MIDI note change messages can be sent from the delay unit to the host * You may suspend/resume the application * Note * Well made sample pack with loops, patches and cues for the delay unit. * Vocals * All phases available with mostly fine tuned level. * A user friendly help file available Notes: * After the installation, you can switch back to the delay unit without a need for resetting the plugin * Heres a screen shot of the unit with the typical delay sliders. * Some images are scaled up for better resolution. * Bottom right of the screen shows the unit’s status * The main window (center of the screen) has the following dials, faders, sliders and buttons * The faders are all assignable. You can assign them to any input, output or mixer of the unit or simply leave them free * The mixer is assignable: if you select some inputs as outputs, input 2 becomes a mixer input. If you deselect input 2 as output, the input is freed and can be assigned as a mixer input. * The last loop memory location is b7e8fdf5c8

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The English Fairy Univerity, well-known as EFU-1, is a digital multi delay unit with lots of functions. This delay plugin comes in two flavours: with analogue input as well as with digital input. Controlling digital input via MIDI is supported, so you have the possibility to set up an intermediate MIDI signal. To protect your cpu from overload, the delay unit features two independant, fully equipped CPU cores. Accurate time setting possible with a simple step scrollbar. The digital signal to the delay unit is set via hardware sync signals with the possibility of sync divider control from 45 to 10. You may change the sync divider input source and the delay time in half steps. Also as a master clock, the delay unit is synched with timecode via the MIDI THRU signal of the plugin. However not only timecode is supported, also MIDI clock is set by the unit via the MIDI THRU signal. Thanks to the triggered buffer, the delay unit has the possibility to freeze the input signal. Thanks to this functionality, it is possible to mix backwards or normal playback in a continuous way. Additionally you may play the frozen audio segment back, allowing a complete change of the delay time. Via the delay time control, an accurate time setting from milli to hundred of seconds is possible. On the flip side of the delay unit is an analog delay with the possibility to trigger the audio segment right after the input signal. The unit provides an exact time setting with a very precise slider. And afterwards you may play the signal back. The feedback can be cranked up until indefinite without interfering with the output signal. As a side note, at the time setting and at the feedback scale the unit records the internal state. Because of this your input signal is partly recorded during playback. But the unit doesn’t play back in reverse – you have to press the record button for the audio signal. You also have the possibility to play back the audio signal in reverse via the reverse button. Additionally, it is possible to reverse or normal play back the audio signal. This way you may play the signal backwards or backwards and forwards to get interesting sound textures. The integration level with FL Studio is very high. This delay unit works along with FS-1 (delay) plugins and is thus complemented. The unit features the possibility to always connect the output to the input so that you may connect the

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Flat-EZ has been the most popular delay plugin on the planet for the last 8 years. With the Flat-EZ 2.0 Plugin, you have the best Flat Delay Plugin for music producers to date. Not only is Flat-EZ 2.0 faster than the original, it has an improved audio engine, audio blending and a redesigned manual to make it even easier to use. There is also a new Delay Model and CV In and CV Out available to control delay times, delay length, bypass audio or CV IN so you can control the delay and blend at the same time. Just choose the delay model, audio feed type, the new delay length control for CV IN (CV) and CV Out, and the bypass audio setting, set the audio processing and the CV out control for the audio in. More Effects: Combine: – 2x Delay Model including analog and digital tape models – Filters including HPF, LPF and band pass – 2x Audio Mix mode including Loop, Send and Bypass Blend: – 2x Audio Mix mode with Send, Bypass and Loop Freeze: – Freeze each audio feed and you can also freeze the last loop Exclusive Features: Tape: – Tape emulation features record mode, playback mode and reverse playback Digital Tape: – Analog emulation and digital tape emulation Software Emulation: – Manual based digital tape emulation – Manual based analog tape emulation – Analog tape emulation include: start up tone, end tone, fade in and fade out – Delay time to CV conversion AiX: – 10 to 128 bit float A.I.X Dual Audio Feed: – Two audio feeds can be processed simultaneously – Each audio feed can be processed in Bypass, Send or Loop audio mixing mode DSP-Based Delay: – Analog tape and digital tape based delay – Digital tape delay features: set delay length, set delay time – Audio processing features: HPF, LPF, BPF, HPF BPF – Audio processing include: CHFT, CMTF, AMTB, AMTS – 24 and 8 bit CV programming – Audio bypass – Allows the new AND, OR, XOR, XNOR and HFX gates to operate on audio feedback – Allow the new gate/buffer combinations for delay time calculations – The simple BLOCK DSP circuit can be used to execute a D

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OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (64-bit) Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 (2.40GHz) or AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ (2.70GHz) Memory: 2GB RAM Graphics: 1024×768 display, DirectX 9 graphics card DirectX: Version 9.0c Hard drive: 700MB free space Sound Card: DirectX 9 compatible Keyboard: Windows compatible Mouse: Windows compatible Internet Connection: Broad


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