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DVD To MP4 Crack + Free Download X64 (2022)

Rip DVD discs and convert local videos to other filetypesSoftware developer: Albert Roux in UK

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A brilliant solution to get more DVDs in your device! – by John

Great utility. It’s really easy to use, and it’s really quick.

123 (Good)


January 22, 2015

Video Converter – by Felix

As the title says, this is a video converter.
After installation, it added itself to the Windows 7 “Start” menu, allowing you to use it in one click.
First impression: the program runs really well and it’s very easy to use.
After testing the program, I found some glitches (which are mentioned below), but they can be easily fixed.
The interface looks very nice and the icons are clear.
To complete the rating, the only thing I find odd is that the new files “uninstalled” themselves after a restart. For me, this is the only thing that is not perfect.
I can not offer any rating for conversion because I do not use the conversion function.

123 (Good)


January 21, 2015

Very Nice!!!! – by Connor

One of the best program I ever used, it has helped me a lot to convert videos, and rip dvds.

100 (Good)


January 18, 2015

Brilliant – by Giuseppe

I absolutely love this app!
It’s easy to use, fast and the interface is very well arranged.
I also like the fact that you can add the program to the start menu.

123 (Good)


January 16, 2015

Convert DVD to MP4 – by Marshall

Great program to convert my DVDs to mp4 video. Thanks Albert Roux for this awesome app!

123 (Good)


January 14, 2015

Very easy to use, good quality – by Piergiorgio

For all the users that dont have experience with the computer system, this application is for you. I tested all three formats, MP4, AVI and MOV and it is easy to use, the conversion is fast and quality

DVD To MP4 Crack

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IMPORTANT! Please note that the trial version does NOT contain any source code or key macro of the program!

IMPORTANT! Please note that the trial version of the program does NOT contain any source code or key macro of the program!

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DVD To MP4 [April-2022]

Don’t let the DVD to MP4 software fool you: you won’t need a lot of hard disk space to save ripped discs and videos in a MP4 format! One of the best free software we’ve tested!

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Dvd to mp4 – Free and quick DVD ripper that works perfectly on Windows. Rip movies from DVDs and convert them to video and audio files of your choice.Identification of linkage disequilibrium in the human genome.
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What’s New in the?

Convert DVD's movie in any format you wish.
You can select one of the following video file formats:
You can convert the video file to any other video file format
It is one-click away, DVD to MP4 is highly efficient in converting DVDs and you can use it for any purpose!
1. Generates any video file format that you want
2. Rip the DVD in batches.
3. Batch conversion.
4. Add multiple file lists to a conversion task.
5. Rip and convert DVDs in a specific folder.
6. Automatically adds the finished files to the specified directory.
7. Audio CD, audio MP3, mobile phone ringtone, audio MP4 (MPEG-4) are the output formats that you can obtain from this software.
8. High image quality and low CPU utilization.
9. Support all popular video formats.
10. Support multiple audio files, MP3, AAC, WMA and others.
11. Support multiple audio file formats, MP3, AAC, WMA and others.
12. Support multiple video file formats, AVI, MPEG, MP4, FLV and MKV.
13. Support to save in image format, JPG, PNG and BMP.
14. Support to convert multiple videos, AVI, MP4, FLV, MKV and other formats.
15. Batch conversion of large number of videos.
16. No installation is required.
17. Free and secure software.
18. Simple and intuitive interface.
19. Support all major languages.
20. Support both 64-bit and 32-bit Windows.



System requirements:

Windows 2000/XP/Vista

File size:

979.5 Mb








Do not purchase this software. It is freeware.

The tool can be used both in your home and in a business environment. It supports all popular video file formats (AVI, MPEG, MPEG-4, MP4, FLV, MKV) as well as AVI, WMV and MP4.
Besides converting DVDs, it supports batch conversion of video files, allowing you to get rid of old video files and import new ones. You can also create new video files of various formats, extract audio tracks from your DVDs, as well as create new audio CDs and mobile phone ringtones.
More than that, the application is simple and easy to use. The user interface is easy on the eyes, providing you with all the necessary functions with just one click.
There is a built

System Requirements:

For Linux: Recommended minimum requirements:
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 @ 2.93GHz
Video Card:
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480
Ubuntu 12.04 or newer
File size:
Minimum 20 GB
I made this game to be played on computers. If you have a mobile device, the game will work in mobile browsers, but it might have some issues. I’m working on a mobile


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