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Young things, chaotic things, ruthless things. These are the Dark Ages. This is the land of blood, and death, and war. This is the land of battle and magic, and wonder, and mystery. This is the land of life, and of death. This is a world of darkness, of mist, of sorcery and of magic. This is the world of Talislanta.
Thank you for purchasing the Disgraced RPG Enhancement DLC.
Explore the lands of the Dark Ages, in this roleplaying version of the Disgraced rule set.

Characters can now be created by typing in their stats: STRENGTH, AGILITY, ATHLETICISM, VOYAGERY, BRAVERY and INVESTMENT. Depending on the character’s background and their training in divine magic, they will have different abilities like shoot fireballs, produce shields, or even wield the Great Sword of Evil.
Players can also purchase items at shops and add them to their characters:



Attack Damage

Swim Speed





500 TP



Unarmed shield

1000 TP





1500 TP




Great Sword of Evil

4 000 TP






5 000 TP





Armor of Darkness

10 000 TP




Armor of Darkness (Advanced)

50 000 TP


Unarmed Shield (Advanced)

50 000 TP


Great Sword of Evil (Advanced)

50 000 TP


Unarmed Shield (Super Advanced)

100 000 TP


Great Sword


Disgraced Role Playing Game DLC Features Key:

  • Play as the infamous Vincent. You will experience different scenarios that turn your adventure into hell.
  • Select your colour theme. A dark setting for your city to contrast everything.
  • Relive all your trauma as the hero of a world in danger.

Disgraced Role Playing Game DLC Features:

  • Explore a new DLC inspired scenario.
  • Play with different characters to experience new situations.
  • Select your cyber character and fate.
  • Prove your capability as you play.
  • Choose between two screens during the game. The cinematic screen and the real time screen.
  • Buy upgrades for your weapons, gadgets, skills and cyber capabilities.
  • Earn experience and gain talents
  • Gain credits to buy new cyber weaponry and new cyber outfits.
  • Explore the city as a game over, choosing to replay the failed actions of your character.


Disgraced Role Playing Game DLC Full Product Key [Updated] 2022

Disgraced is a Role-Playing Game (RPG) on the Microsoft Windows, Playstation and Nintendo 64. It was developed by NG Soft S.L and is rated M for Mature.
Genre: Part of the Family – Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Fighting, Fighting, Musical, Role Playing
Game Play: Fight Other Villains, Fight Other Foes, Fight Your Way To The Top!
Game Features:
Go beyond the darkness of your Game Boy with Disgraced! Over 60 characters to choose from!
Hundreds of different weapons and armors!
All of the above are in 3 different difficulty levels for players to enjoy!
Key Features :
New heroes and villains in an RPG world!
Lead your character and fight in a number of adventures!
Fun for all ages: easy and hard modes!
Free and easy to play, but hard to master!
Download Disgraced Role Playing DLC and unleash your inner Samurai!
NOTE: Disgraced Role Playing DLC has no effect on the game, it’s just an extra downloadable content!
Game Masters guide:
A game master – Define your character in the form of a word or series of words!
A game master’s purpose is to make your character a good role model!
Weapons and armors available:
Your character is equipped with different weapons and armors.
Level the characters by running, Shooting, Fighting and Sword Fighting!
You can even get more stuff when you level your character!
Characters and their individual stats:
There are over 60 unique characters, each with its own set of stats and skills!
The game supports up to three characters per game.
In-game characters are repaired by collecting parts (customizable by the players).
The game supports up to three characters per game.
Warriors, who are your goal?
Three different warrior characters to choose from!
Initially you start with Easy Warrior mode, where you just need to defeat the enemies in your path!
Next, you need to upgrade your warrior in the Hard Mode!
The third warrior character is the Master Warrior, who requires the skills of the first two warriors!
How to play:
There are three character classes, Warrior, Fighter and Samurai.
The Warrior character class is based on the Samurai class, which means he/she uses a sword.
The Fighter character class is based on the Ninja, which means that he/she uses a shuriken.


Disgraced Role Playing Game DLC Crack + X64 [March-2022]

Title: Disgraced Role Playing Game

Developer: Aaron Hughes

Publisher: Aaron Hughes

Game/Program Version: 0.1

Game release date: 12/6/2012

Licensed: No

Size: 2,706,355 bytes

Created/Published By: Aaron Hughes

File Format: Text File (.TXT)

Author: Aaron Hughes

Language: English


This is a role playing game written in text form to emulate a role playing game as it was meant to be played. The goal is to get the player and his/her friends to be able to play the role playing game as it was originally intended.

The player is the leader of an army, while the NPCs represent and defend the player’s home city. The people are inside the city and they attack when the player has crossed the door, they can only attack the player once they have crossed the door.

The City has four dungeons that are randomly generated for each game, each of them has a room count that is randomly generated as well. Each dungeon has a treasure and a monster. The dungeon has a random number of monsters between 1 and 20.

The dungeon is filled with food. The food gives people the ability to not fight back against the monsters. If the dungeon is filled with the right number of food the amount of people in the dungeon remain constant.

The monsters are also set in dungeons. The monster are set inside the dungeons of food. The monsters are set with an attack damage level from 0 to 100.

The food also gives people the ability to sleep longer. The food is named Food Sleep and it provides for 20% damage reduction per hour. The food is only available during the night.

When it is dawn the food leaves the dungeon and the dungeon is empty. There is also a maximum number of sleeping people inside a dungeon. If the dungeon is full then the people die.

A 10% damage reduction is received if you carry a weapon. There is a limit to the amount of weapons that you can carry. The weapon is named War Weapons and there are three types of weapons available. There is a limit of 8 war weapons that can be carried at once.

Two of the weapons are called, Lance and Polearms. They are named after the types of weapons that they are and they both deal equal damage to the enemies. The other two weapons


What’s new in Disgraced Role Playing Game DLC:

    Gets Hacked? Be Warned

    If you’ve ever spent much time around the Internet, you’ve probably heard of an entire generation of people called role playing fans, for most of whose hobby — outside of extremely socially awkward posts on message boards and boring death threats against the creators — consists of “pathfinding to a local hoodie store to pick up a headset and a game.” Here is where you come to learn about that oft-criticized peon generation — the demogroup generation. If you spend much time with any media collection, you’ve probably seen them — spliced, pixelated avatars that comprise a dim plotline based on a multi-colored palette. (That’s them, next to the WWE logo.)

    Role Playing Impression is an annual Online Worlds Database-driven contest. For more than 20 years, the contest has pitted the worlds with the best and most creative content against one another, awarding an average of 10’s of thousands of points to the winner.

    Recently, however, this contest saw a breach. The user name “Full Glasses Is Been Alt Party Since July 2015” was apparently a winner. It managed to make all 6 submissions of the Grand Prize entrant, the best title sequence of any Role Playing Impression for the calendar year 2015. The remains of this title sequence have been mirrored and submitted separately.

    Winner of Role Playing Impression 2015: “Genderfluid Camus”

    This title sequence, which you can watch below, spent 30 days in “Opacity” mode to provide the appearance of nonexistence, for five and a half minutes.

    Winner of Role Playing Impression 2016: “Pokemon Heart Gold”

    As far as I know this was the first ever interactive title sequence submitted as part of an online world database contest. I found this to be a beautiful piece of art.

    It is not, however, exactly accurate.

    The only Pokémons the player sees are the ones they create themselves, since all four wild encounters in the region are made up of “random” Pokémon that cannot be selected by the player — “random” being the operative word. I believe this is rather unrealistic. I think we could all agree that the two wild Pokémon encountered during the title sequence shouldn’t be the Bellsprout and Pikachu they are now, both because of weird movement, but also because their appearance doesn’t seem to correspond to the region’s wild Pokémon. Even amongst the variations of this same theme, the Bellspr


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    How To Install and Crack Disgraced Role Playing Game DLC:

  • Download Game Disgraced Role Playing Game DLC
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  • Open
  • Go To Install button
  • Select Save as..
  • Choose a Save folder
  • Now Go back to main page
  • Click on Install Now (Exe File)
  • Now Your Game Disgraced Role Playing Game DLC Is ready To play
  • Enjoy Game

What is new in game Disgraced Role Playing Game DLC

  • New monsters
  • New weapons

About This Content:

  • Size: 510 mb
  • Difficulty: You Can Change Difficulty

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System Requirements For Disgraced Role Playing Game DLC:

Requires latest Windows 10 operating system (Version 1903), DirectX 12 or later, and 2 GB of RAM or higher.
Meets requirements for Minimum Specifications
The following specifications apply to the Minimum specifications of the game:
Meets requirements for DirectX 12
The following DirectX requirements apply to the Minimum specifications of the game:
Requires latest Windows 10 operating system (Version 1903), DirectX 12 or later, and 2 GB of



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