DecoChek Portable Crack Free Download For PC [April-2022]

DecoChek Portable is an advanced and flexible dive planning software designed for technical divers.
It features a dynamic graph – simply pull to any depth or time combinations. It has complex profiles like cave systems or multi-level wrecks can be ‘drawn’ on screen accurately for precise deco obligations.







DecoChek Portable Crack + Download [Mac/Win] 2022

1. Professional construction.
DecoChek Portable is designed for technical divers, cave divers, and geology teams working on exploration, mapping, and construction operations
2. Dynamic, interactive, and detailed.
The screen pops up with interactive dive planning features in a jiffy. It has a blue screen dive planning grid which is real-time and interacts with the depth or time diagram
3. Quickly and easily built.
Draw profiles and plan dives in a snap – The program includes smart application features.
4. User-friendly, With extensive and intuitive teaching options that will help you learn about DecoChek Portable quickly
5. Minimalist, one page design, With a minimalist interface and attractive layout
6. Mobile-friendly, The program runs on any mobile device
7. Powerful, DecoChek Portable is equipped with advanced features for technical divers. It is designed to be the program of choice for scuba diving teams, cave divers, and geology crews working in dangerous or remote locations
8. Extensive, The program offers comprehensive dive planning support for any dive project, including cave diving, shipwreck, and geo-mining
9. Fully integrated, the program is designed to seamlessly integrate into diving operations workflow, from design to execution

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DecoChek Portable X64

At the moment of design the most important factors of a complex diving profile are measurable, so it’s no problem for the software to manage them. Because diving profiles are often required in the course of planning a dive.
Many different parameters are managed in one position, including single levels, multiple walls, as well as even denser diving profiles. The software can measure volumes, masses, lengths, areas, distances, volumes, heights, areas and several other parameters.
The database is saved in a JSON format, so there is no need to import data from an external file.
The dive data can be backed up automatically to the cloud and can be loaded there later.
The software can be used from multiple devices, such as the mobile phone (iOS and Android), the handheld computer or from a desktop computer via a stable internet connection.
The simple interface allows for an intuitive, fast and easy operation.
DecoChek Portable Screenshot:

DecoChek Portable helps you to manage your diving plans, as it has become the most helpful and accurate diver planning software on the market.

Try DecoChek Portable now and enjoy the most important features. Even if you are just starting to dive into technical and decompression diving there will be something for you.

Why Buy This Plugin?

DecoChek Portable


dive planning and decomposition

Cave and multi-level planning and decomposition

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the JSON format

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About us

For many years now we have been the market leaders in helping divers plan and manage technical dives.
Our products have been on the market since 2007 and we have amassed a huge
knowledge base and reputation.
If you have any queries at all, please contact us and we will help you to decide if DecoChek is the right product for you.

Small Dive

Decemeber 2016

Tranquility is a small dive operator based in the Aldebaran region of the beautiful Brittany, France. We started small in 2008 and have been growing ever since. We have become a name to be proud of in diving over here and one that has built up a reputation for treating our customers well.
We are now looking to take this even further with DecoChek Portable by providing the best possible

DecoChek Portable For Windows

– Ranks dives and aquanauts.
– Produces detailed profiles with drawings, distances and colour codes.
– Ranks decompression schedules with colour codes
– Click on profiles to save dives or work it out
– Can draw profiles easily by dragging the screen
– Undo and redo features are flexible
– Graph settings are flexible – which is offset, profile or depth based.
– The advanced dive plan calendar can be organised by day, week or month.
– Ranks individual dives
– Produces precise profiles with colour codes
– Colour coded profiles can be automatically erased
– It records the time of decompression stop
– Automatic decompression schedule generation
– It will even compute the altitude dives made from the surface in your profile
– Automatically reconnects to the profile if it is part of a larger profile plan

Altitude DecoChek for YC3 is a free GUI for YC3 software, which generates a precise altitude profile from the surface to the entry point of your dive. So far: YC3 Extended and YC Pro Extended also provide that feature.

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What’s New in the?

– Dynamic graph design
– Advanced control features.
– Speed of the display can be customised.
– Convenient for both planing and deco diving.
DecoChek Portable has all essential field functions. For deco, you can easily find and edit hundreds of wreck models and store them as virtual files in your local drive. From time to time you can use the model editor and quickly overlay models. From time to time new wrecks will be added in the future.
Easily Design Deco-Plans for Various Features:
– Including:
– Overlay Reefs
– Deco’s
– Wreck’s
– Lead Light’s
– Ecopoint’s
– Deco Module’s
– Acoustics, Ambiance, Light’s, Modules, Soundscapes, BONUS, Audio Mixer
– Design Options
– Automatic validation
– Export PDF/JPEG/PNG/BMP files
– Record of your dive sessions
– Backup Functions
– Auto backup functions on your PIM or SD Card
– Go to the depth you want and press the ‘Start’ and ‘Stop’ buttons
– All notes are saved in the database of DecoChek Portable
– All notes can be exported as a pdf file or png image file
DecoChek Portable could meet the specifications for professional diver planning and design like:
– Advanced decompression planning with a transparent difference between static planning and real time planning
– Continous decompression with the possibility to input new decompression tables or even entire profiles
– Advanced Planter method with profiles, models, wrecks, etc.
– Advanced customizable dive tables and profiles
– Various wrecks and profiles can be added to the database
– Billing and Invoicing
– 24/7/365 Support
Included with this software you get only the Dive Planner, DecoChek portable is a stand-alone package and requires no desktop components. You don’t need to run a database. This software works on any operating system, Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris and BSD.
This software is the perfect solution for all of your dive planning needs and will solve all of your dive planning problems.
If you like it you can download and use it for free.

Dive Planner is a table and the computer is hard to use, no auto-validation, the table is not colored, it need to add many models

System Requirements:

* Recommended RAM: 8GB
* Recommended VRAM: 512MB
* Recommended Graphics: GeForce GTX 1060 or better, Radeon RX 480 or better
* Required Hard Drive: 200GB
* PS4 and Xbox One S systems are only compatible with the PlayStation VR and the Xbox One S (version 1) system.
* OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit)
* CPU: Intel or AMD 64-bit processor (Any generation will work)

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