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In your code, you define a vector and intialize it empty, then you push_back to it each time. The vector is a stack of pointers, not the actual values.
Instead of this, just assign it with no data.
std::vector stdVector;


As a side note, there are multiple issues with your code.

$-dimensional system, described by a wave function $\Psi(x)$ (in what follows $x$ denotes both the position $x$ and the spin quantum number $\uparrow, \downarrow$), we propose a simple and intuitive procedure of measurement of the probability $p$ of a given spin flip $\ket{\uparrow}\rightarrow\ket{\downarrow}$:

1\. The system is prepared in an eigenstate $\ket{\psi_0}$ (in our case $\ket{\psi_0}=\ket{\uparrow}$) of the $z$ component of the spin.

2\. In order to check that the measuring device is actually working, let us test whether an annihilation operator $\hat{\psi}(x)$ is present or not in the state $\ket{\psi_0}$. The annihilation operator is defined as a new operator $\hat{\psi}(x)= \hat{I} \hat{\psi}^\dagger(x)$ being the identity operator $\hat{I}$ and $\hat{\psi}^\dagger(x)$ the adjoint operator of the operator $\hat{\psi}(x)$. After $N$ consecutive measurements of the annihilation and creation operators, the probability of a given spin flip $\ket{\uparrow}\rightarrow\ket{\downarrow}$ is just $p=N_\downarrow/N$ (here $N_\downarrow$ is the number of measured annihilation operators).

3\. If all the annihilation operators were measured, it is clear that the system is in an eigenstate $\ket{\psi_0}$ of the $z$ component of the spin $\hat{S_z}$: $$\ket{\psi_0} = \hat{\psi}^\dagger(

ENJOY. The Deluxe Edition includes the soundtrack, the international bonus, full support for languages other than English, and the full suite of QuickBooks add-ons: CRACKntuitQuickBooksEnterprise1921R3LicenseKey.Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson testifies before a House Financial Services Committee hearing on the HUD budget on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., February 28, 2017. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson said on Friday he would not slow down the confirmation process for President Donald Trump’s nominee to head the agency, despite growing criticism over the slow pace of Senate confirmation hearings.

Carson, who met with Trump on Friday to discuss the confirmation process, said that such delays were not an administration priority and that he was not slowing down the process in order to prevent Trump from losing a key appointment.

“It is not our priority. The speed of the process doesn’t mean anything,” Carson said. “The White House views this as an important and critical appointment.”The Calgary Stampeders are enjoying a slow-paced week of winter camp and after competing in fitness testing on Monday, it’s time to start the real football work.

Hitting the practice field a little later than normal, the team still has a couple of days left to stretch out on the field before training camp officially begins.

“The one thing that we always try to stress is that the practise is different than the games,” head coach and general manager John Hufnagel said Tuesday. “We’re not training for a game. We’re training for the next practice and the next practice and the next practice.

“To do it on the field is what matters to us, getting the fundamentals down.

“It’s like anything, it gets a lot of guys stuck, so we just try and break it into little bits, even if it takes a whole session to do it, but when we get the basics down, there’s a lot of good players in the CFL and a lot of football to be played so we have to try and get it done real quick.”

While the focus is simply getting the football work done, Hufnagel said he’s also looking forward to seeing what his new team looks like this year.

“Part of the reason we’re doing it is we’re

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