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2B Decimal solves the problem by rounding the $/2 values to 2 digit precision.
SELECT ROUND( `Subtotal`, 2)

Truncate solves the problem by removing the leading 0 from the amount subtracted from the cart total.

See for results.


I would recommend just using the standard math functions in your case. You can use the FLOOR() and CEILING() functions which will round down and up respectively.
SELECT ROUND( Subtotal, 2) AS roundedSubTotal

SELECT TRUNCATE( Subtotal, 2) AS truncatedSubTotal

Both of these should do what you want.


How to search a collection in silverlight

How to search a collection in silverlight.
I want to search a specific function’s name in all functions and all objects.


You don’t want to search for a specific function, you want to search for a specific property. Since you’re searching for a property and not a function, the following will work:
string[] myStringArray = { “aString”, “aDifferentString”, “aThirdString” };

foreach(string s in myStringArray)
string myPropertyName = “MyProperty”;
var myProperty = s.GetType().GetProperty(myPropertyName, BindingFlags.Instance | BindingFlags.Public | BindingFlags.NonPublic);

if (myProperty!= null)
// s is a string with myProperty

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