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Create and manage your own groupware server on the Internet
Tired of Microsoft Exchange Server, e-mail clients or small FTP/web servers? With Conflux Professional 2022 Crack you can build an own enterprise groupware package!
Conflux Professional Crack Mac is a groupware application that enables you to organize your daily office business on-line. With this 100% Web-based application it is possible to set up your own groupware server in the cloud, while using a single desktop as a central management console.
With Conflux Professional For Windows 10 Crack you will create an optimized business package, thanks to all the features that the application offers. These are:
Email accounts – automatically create and setup email accounts, for your users
Calendars & tasks – centralize and group your appointments, events and contacts
File uploads & files management – Upload local files or from your external data storage – automatically encrypt and encrypt files
File search and indexing – specify your files and search queries – automatically index your files with full text search queries
Sales and billing – set up your sales rates and taxes and manage invoices, payments and credits
Groupware management – create, edit and delete tasks and groups for your clients
Reports – show all activities for each user – export all activity information to HTML or PDF report
Online support – 24/7 online support
Unlimited users – Unlimited users
Local files and FTP connections – use the local files or FTP connections to your own data storage – automatically encrypt and encrypt files
You may setup different types of email accounts, using POP3, IMAP and other popular accounts. The application offers also a unique folders feature, that may be associated to the email accounts, in order to separate personal or project files.
You may also manage calendars, tasks and contacts items, thanks to the calendar, tasks and contacts management service. Moreover, relationships of hierarchy or group based access can be set up and controlled in the administration tab.
The application feature a unique document management service, which may be accessed by any user. Documents can be uploaded from local folders or the remote data storage, and stored into any folder structure that you prefer. The encrypted file backups may be created and managed by a single user, while any other user may only browse and search the existing files. You may also group and search your document types.
Conflux Professional Cracked Accounts offers a special way to share your business activities. Once a task or workflow is configured, it can be shared with another user, on a user-to-user basis. The sharing feature is supported

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Conflux Professional Crack+ Keygen For (LifeTime)

Conflux Professional is a fast, convenient and reliable groupware server, designed to be a Web-based application with both desktop and mobile clients. The cost-efficient server is fully compatible with Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012 operating systems.
The application enables you to set up various email accounts, synchronize contacts, schedule tasks and events, and distribute files over the Internet. Additionally, the email account may be used to send and receive emails to other users on our network, or remote email accounts. The server also facilitates the appointment management and distribution services. The latest Conflux can be downloaded here.

Conflux Professional License:

Conflux Professional offer a variety of product licenses.

The packages have different pricing models and can be purchased according to your individual need.

Conflux Client

Conflux Client offers a range of pricing models for users who need a mail client.

The client will be provided in all cases.


Clients, including Conflux Client versions

User license:

Allowed use:


Conflux Professional Software S.R.O.

Conflux Professional



25 EUR

Conflux Professional Standard

Conflux Professional



25 EUR

Conflux Professional Enterprise

Conflux Professional



90 EUR

Conflux Professional SaaS

Conflux Professional



190 EUR

Single User License

Conflux for Office




90 EUR

Conflux Professional for Office

Conflux Professional



90 EUR

(Product:Conflux Professional for Office

user license:




Technical Support

The customers may contact our technical support for administrative and technical support for software licensing questions.

The customer support staff are working in office hours from 9 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday.

Technical Support Phone Number

All technical support calls are managed for Conflux Professional with the toll free number:
+48 42 538 544.

Conflux Professional Support Ticket

In order to report a problem, a customer can fill in a support ticket.

Within 24 business hours, a support member will

What’s New in the?

What’s new

New feature: task modification
New feature: the ability to edit a task in parallel
New feature: statistics
New feature: resize task lists for increased user experience
Minor bug fixes: improved support for the emacs keymapJazz musician’s death: Family’s appeal for blood donors

SINGAPORE: The family of a jazz musician who was found dead in a hotel room has appealed to members of the public to help them identify his killers.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) said in a Facebook post on Wednesday (Dec 6) that officers from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) were responding to the hotel where Peewee Tan, 55, a Singaporean national, was found dead on Tuesday.

Related Story Jazz musician found dead in hotel room

“The family is in appeal for members of the public to help identify the killers and call the Police hotline at 1800-255-0000,” the statement said.

The police post included images of tattoos found on the deceased’s body, saying the tattoos could help officers narrow down on suspects’ identities.

The statement said the police are “strongly investigating the case” and added that they are looking to trace the “men who were in the hotel at the time the body was discovered”.

The country’s lone jazz musician, Peewee Tan, performed both as a pianist and trumpet player in the Singapore jazz band.

His family, including his wife Sing Choong and his two sons, were notified by police on Tuesday night that their son had been found dead in the hotel room.

The pair also played in the jazz band if Peewee and Sing Choong, who is a retired district judge, were able to bring in enough members to fill out the band.

Choo Siew Yee, 39, wife of Sing Choong, told The Straits Times on Wednesday that Peewee and Sing Choong had been trying to find more people for the band after a busy year in 2017.

Sing Choong told the newspaper that his wife came home late from her workplace, and the two were headed back to the hotel to prepare dinner when they found the family’s phone number on a note by the door.

“My wife wanted to call her husband and tell him not to worry because he’s going to be fine,

System Requirements For Conflux Professional:

Windows 10 or later (Windows 7 recommended)
10″ or larger touchscreen display
2 GB RAM or more
Apple iOS 8.4 or later (iOS 7 recommended)
Android 2.3.3 or later (Android 2.2 recommended)
This app is supported by in-app purchases.
For more information, please visit
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