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In March 1943, the US Navy faced a crisis. A handful of underpowered submarines fought a stalemate with the Germans and their U-boats. It was a war that, thanks to the Allies’ technological superiority, would never be won by the Americans.
As such, a team of covert agents, scientist and engineers were sent to Alaska to attempt to build their own time machine. The Nazis had already conquered half the world in 1939. Alaska was the last remote land out of reach for the Nazi military machine. The team could design and fabricate their own specialised submarines. And they could use the war to try and beat the Nazis at their own game.
After WW2, the scientists’ theories had convinced the US that time travel was possible. By then, their superpowered submarines were already a reality. So they built time travel for their own reasons. The scientists were driven by science. The military by revenge. And the average Joe by money.
In the far future, mankind has dominated the galaxy. But someone wants to change that. A man – a revolutionary – whose name is lost to history. He is the mastermind behind countless atrocities over the years. He succeeded in breaking time itself. His plan is to destroy the hierarchy of the universe. He wants to bring about a new order, where the one that has the best technology and weaponry will win the war.
Now, all the scientists of the past have agreed to hand over their work. The Army command gave them only a few days to gather the rest of their team and their equipment. The clock is ticking.
From March 1943 to March 1944, the Allies will gather their tools and weapons. The Allies will have to negotiate their way through the pitfalls and pitfalls of time and space to defeat the one that had caused this great danger in the first place.
The game features three difficulty levels. Hard Mode adds new challenges, including special enemies and redesigned AI.
In Hard Mode, the game is longer and more difficult.
Features :
The time-travel story is based on the events that happened during WWII in the mid-40’s when the Allies used the first time machine to fight the Nazis
Hard mode adds new challenges, such as special enemies and redesigned AI
3 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Hard
2 difficulty options: Automatic or Manual
2 playthroughs for each difficulty
2 game versions: regular and DRM-free
Join the great adventure and prepare yourself for greatness, however temporary…
More is coming very soon.


Features Key:

  • 16-Bit Sound:
    You heard of Chris Brown, didn’t you? Well, you heard of a pretty cool guy called REAPER,
    d’ya hear? This was based on REAPER’s 16 bit architecture, so it gives the soundtrack a pretty good
    sound feel.
  • No Real Levels: There are no levels. You start off at the bottom of the ocean and
    you have to get yourself to the Moon. How do you do that? Well, you used
    to climb before you were a fish.
  • Raspberry Pi Zero:
    Raspberry Pi Zero is basically an action figure sized Raspberry Pi in the shape of a credit
    card. All functionality of the original is retained in this version.
  • GigaDrive:
    You can store up to 1GB of files on this tiny little USB thumb drive. How tiny? Well,
    just use your thumb to put the drive in your ear.
  • Cannabis Royale:
    The scene is no longer dead. Our version of a shadow banking system keeps your money safe.
    This allows you to buy and sell your works and even invest in properties without
    any unsecured debt.
  • Archer’s Growth:
    Look at your feet, then look at them again. Now, guess which one is up in the air.
    Well, put them both up in the air, but don’t let them fall down.
    You need to save your work!
  • Instant Slasher:
    This machine is screaming for your review. Quickly slash away at anything that looks
    like a Xenomorph.
  • Giga Miner:
    Ah, the glory days, when you were able to mine everything you could think of.
    Keep mining until you have all the diamonds and your auto-leveling bot figured out.
  • Bitrazor:
    This laser makes for a pretty sweet vaporizer. All of this mayhem is exciting.
    Use it to trigger massive explosions, or just use it in conjunction with a few
    lightsabers to blow some enemies


    Cannabis Download [Mac/Win]

    Every trope has an upside, a downside, and a twist. And the good people at Green Ronin are happy to oblige.
    Cannabis Crack is a game that takes the familiar tropes and twists them completely: Hard PC races, strong B/X mechanics, and ways to use a PC’s knowledge against them. But don’t let that mislead you: this isn’t a light-hearted children’s game. Unlike other traditional roleplaying games, it is at times brutal, at times incomprehensible, and rarely at the point of immorality. And yet, you can watch its characters blossom into things you’d never expect them to be and overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.
    Cannabis is a Pathfinder-based game where players choose a race, class, and a few key character characteristics. Each PC has some family background that influences them, including the specialty and gifts they were born with. Where they come from and how they became what they are is up to the GM to decide.
    Cannabis is a game about illegal substances. The rules encompass what it’s like to make, use, and sell said substances. And when the laws are eventually changed, so are the rules.
    Cannabis is a game where morality is up to you. Cannabis isn’t a game where you need to know right from wrong. You can choose to be good or evil, and that’s what makes it great.
    A few very important notes:
    • Cannabis is a murder simulator. I would not recommend anyone to pick it up as a game where you can “boss” someone, or get excited about that. Not only are the rules brutally lethally obvious, but it’s not even really about violence. It’s about the pursuit of money, and the perception that someone gained something of value by their service. Those are the themes of the game, and by extension, the reasons you play.
    • Cannabis has no religion. It is a degenerate culture. It’s about getting stoned at work. It’s about listening to big sad tunes.
    It’s about making friends and having a good time. It’s about not losing to the best marksman and coming in second. It’s about refusing to admit you’re wrong when you are, and being able to make mistakes, but to be okay with it. It’s about keeping people safe. It


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    MastaNekoR is a free to play action role playing game that will let you play as a character who is a half human and half werewolf. Your character is starting to grow a dark side and you must find out who you are before the full moon comes and you take over your body. As you progress in the game you will be able to explore more and more of the jungle with lots of plants, animals and other human/werewolf hybrid creatures.Can’t decide on a game? What about both of them? Try Pokemon Roulette, an action role playing card game with the same style and content as Pokemon Y or X but with original graphics and gameplay. You can also check out Roulette and Let’s Roll! These games also have the same gameplay mechanics as the main games they are inspired by.
    TropaCOM is a take on the Japanese classic OOP zombie shooter genre. Over one hundred levels of endless wave action with a slow but steady pace. Jungle levels offer deadly enemies and horrific hazards while exploration levels will provide everything from cursed temples to secret dungeons. You are a rookie looking to prove yourself, who must survive a brutal training ground of the heart pounding action of the Zombie Apocalypse. Features: Infinite waves of on-screen zombies, deadly traps and hazards. Dozens of weapons and defenses with unique gameplay styles. Survival Mode makes it easier for new players by dividing enemies into three categories; zombies, traps and new enemies. Full physics-based character models. “Cleaning” the level by ridding it of zombies, traps and hazards. Teleport abilities (Sky, Echo and Magnet) for each character to dodge deadly traps. Optional Co-op Multiplayer for a true squad of trained soldiers
    Mafia Wars gives you a chance to prove your managerial skills as you run an organized crime family. Create characters, issue orders, recruit new members, assign and promote them, and outsmart other players in a first-to-seven-win free-for-all game of Mafia Wars. All the while you will be striving to build the best criminal empire in the world of Mafia Wars.
    Train your team of 5 minions in game-play familiar to today’s generation of social gamers. Battle against your friends and top players, earn points and win the all-new Best Buddy Battle mode where you can earn a $1,000,000 bonus!

    Game Features:

    – Fight your friends for the number one slot on the Best Buddy Battle leader board. – Play in more than 25


    What’s new:

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