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Name Call of War: Global Domination Pack
Publisher aloairl
Format File
Rating 4.53 / 5 ( 4578 votes )
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Call of War is an action-packed real-time strategy, where military units, buildings and objectives come to life in battlefields of the Second World War.
Strategize, execute daring battles and outsmart your enemy by participating in carefully balanced Campaign and Quick Play modes.
Engage with other players in the online multiplayer mode.
Call of War offers an extensive wealth of units and weapons, stunning graphics and a dramatic backdrop to the most important battle for mankind’s survival.
Military History Assets:
Discover over 30 years of real-time strategy historical content about World War II.
Create your own base, recruit famous generals and build your army.
Probe battle archives and be guided by sound historical advice.
Build tech trees that unlock in-game services such as officer ranks and promotions.
Complete over 250 research projects to gain better equipment for your soldiers.
Command the Blitz, Tiger, Panther, Panzer and Tiger heavy tanks; Observe the Typhoon, Whirlwind, Panzerkampfwagen I, Renault FT, and about 170 more vehicles.
Make your own units from a mass of different troop types such as infantry, sniper, engineer, driver, tank commander, airman and more.
Battle a friend in real-time or join a strategic multiplayer match.
Multiplayer modes:
Battle on the custom maps: play regular and 4v4, 5v5 or 6v6 for up to 16 players.
Compete on the 3v3 maps: play regular and 4v4 for up to 32 players.
Invite a friend: challenge another real-life player to a real-time game.
Play in ranked matches.
Customize your multiplayer games!
Game Creation Features:
Enjoy the full potential of the combined features, power and flexibility of all game elements in one single game.
Create your own campaign with all available levels and extra missions.
Play the battle of your choice with different units and scenarios for a variety of historical engagements, including the Battle of Kursk, Operation Barbarossa, Fall Blau, and the German Ardennes offensive.
Play a free game or join multiplayer matches with all generated opponents.
Authorized by the developer to use Call of Duty® 3 Player models.
Multiplayer In-game Queuing:
The Feature Queuing can be used with the Quick Play and Multiplayer modes. The Feature Queuing allows you to automatically load your saved game after it has finished playing with a certain number of generated opponents.
Lead your


Call Of War: Global Domination Pack Features Key:

  • »»Crowd»»»Fight
    • Lightning Charge:
      • Charge Lightning, Double, Triple, Quadruple, Tetraple Big Charge
    • »»Melee»»»Fight
      • Melee Defense Roll, Big Roll, Rolls
    • »»Shield»»»Shield your Forcemate
      • Guard:
        • Guard Deck
        • Guard Enemy
        • Guard Friendly
    • »»Patrol»»»Find key areas
      • Patrol Search:
        • Patrol forces, towers, troops, vehicles, weapons, bases, etc.
        • Find Patrol Tower, map, districts
        • Find Troops, towers, forces, vehicles, etc.
        • Search Enemy Troops, Forces, Towers
    • »»Cutscene»»»Play Cutscene
      • Play Cutscene
        • Play a video, Play a text
        • Choose Cutscene
        • Choose when to enter, exit


    Call Of War: Global Domination Pack Crack +

    Warfare in the 21st century takes many new twists and turns. With the rise of urban sprawl, massive air power and push-button robotic warfare comes a new era of massive clashes between two world superpowers.
    In 1942, the Allies began their massive campaign of over-running the Axis territories, Italy and Germany. Use your powers to quickly mobilize your forces and counter the enemy’s devastating blows while the Axis powers are still in pieces.
    In Blackout mode you will be faced with dozens of enemy camps at once, protect your own vital territories, and win the war of position!
    DLC Battle Pack:
    *56 units that are ready for battle
    *3 melee classes that can be deployed at any turn
    *3 artillery units that can be deployed at any turn
    *Reliable supply system and the self-defense of the player’s own territory
    *You can fight on your own account or together with your friends.
    Monthly High Command:
    *Complete customization of the game, including new units and technologies
    *Unique special abilities of the High Command members
    *Automatic construction of units and their mobilization
    *Increased income from High Command premium offer
    *No micro transactions or “pay to win”
    *Possibility to earn more premium currency during the game
    You can check the main features of this game at
    Wilf, together with its brother studio Room 13, is focused on creating great multiplayer games. Founded in 2010, we have years of experience in multiplayer games with different genres.
    Our teams are strong in art, programming and game design.
    Our goal is to develop multiplayer video games that offer the greatest experience and the most unique gameplay.
    We will keep delivering fun in a simple and fair way.
    In case you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] Visit our website at
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    Visit Room 13 on Facebook at
    Other available resources at Wilf:


    Call Of War: Global Domination Pack Activation Free [Latest] 2022

    War is a dynamic and demanding business. This pack will help you to make the most of the most important factor of war: strategic intelligence and logistics.Rally points are the key to securing victory in Call of War. This pack grants you the ability to effectively utilize rally points to your advantage, in addition to other gameplay changes. Completely new units and an improved Tactical Command Center mean that you can now achieve even higher technological level quicker. More Golden Eagles means that you can even accelerate research. Note: Each DLC pack may only be purchased and activated once per Call of War account. Previous ownership of items contained in the DLC package does not constitute a valid reason for refund or compensation, so please check them carefully prior to purchase. Any monetary value, quotation or price provided in the details is non-binding and for visualization purposes only.

    Gameplay Revolution: Focus on the Mobile Land Battles Revolution by focusing on the mobile land battle aspects of Call of War. Multiple changes, such as keeping the same level of balance as in the existing Call of War: Security Council Edition, make the Mobilization in the Backyard technology the key focus of this pack.Starting with the Mobilization in the Backyard system, players can now not only construct fortifications to build a secure and stable base. With the different choices for upgrade levels and sizes of forts, players can customize their base to suit the strengths of their teams as well as their own preferred play styles. Defend your base from enemy attacks with the Defensive Bunkers technology and your opponents with the Multi-Bunker technology. With the ability to construct additional bases and the Garrison System to send scouts and healers to bases, players can now have fully functioning bases in every scenario. Key highlights of this pack:? Mobilization in the Backyard – New base building technology and new technologies which grant new starting and upgrade technologies? Base upgrades, including construction of Garrison System and Anti-Air Bunkers? Garrison System that allows players to assign scouts and healers to bases? Base Defense with Defensive Bunkers? Single Player and Multiplayer Campaigns? New Special Missions? New items? Much more!

    The previous Call of War: Ultimate Pack was a mix of a DLC and a premium. With this pack, we decided to offer two completely different products – Premium Items and DLC Items. The former consist of new items, such as Gold, a new Security Council, and other little bonuses.The latter consists of new technologies and enhancements for all technologies and the different units in Call of War


    What’s new in Call Of War: Global Domination Pack:

    Preview 1.0

    April 20, 2017

    Call of War: Global Domination is a three-part series of games from Sensible Games, where we follow their brave warrior, Veritech into new worlds, new conflicts, and new opponents. It’s a new action strategy that looks to unleash her power and lead her fellow warriors. But to do that she’s going to need all of you.

    You’ll find it all in this first preview of the NDA and Steam Greenlight. Before you dive in, I’d like to give you a basic play through of the main game and some of the new cards and abilities that will be playing out. I’m going to chronicle her travels from the ranks of Sciensia to the Colosseum of Xelpher. Join me on the journey.

    That’s a new Paladin class entirely. Wielding twin great hammers high overhead, the paladin can shield allies, dock turrets, or in certain circumstances, launch a paladin attack; a devastating melee strike that deals bonus damage and dazes all enemies it hits. Additionally, the paladin is a healer, which in this game means that she can heal entire decks of allied fighters when she plays a Summon Spellcard. Finally, she is a specialist in healing, duh, and she becomes an extremely effective damage dealer in the hands of a skilled player. As such, her key to the game is learning to do more than one thing and, boy, does that mean skill and practice.

    Now, let’s look at the new deck of cards that occur in Call of War. In addition to the normal cards from the main game you’ll notice that the paladin has access to two new unique cards. The first is Blitz Card which is a replaceable card that is different for each fighter’s deck in each fight. It’s a self-contained card. Each deck gets one Blitz Card and it’s a card you’ll play during the choose your weapons phase and will then stay there until it expires. It’s also a Secret Action. And a Secret Action is something that has a pretty good potential in Call of War. So, as a main game card, it gives you two abilities: an Action and a Second Action. The Action is a normal action. This could be a single fight in the fight phase, you could draw a card, or utilize an Ally from your deck and it just warms up, like, the coolest thing. You’ve actually got two actions you could


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    How To Install and Crack Call Of War: Global Domination Pack:

  • First you have to crack.
  • then unpack the game.
  • then install the game.


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