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As @bjerkholm commented the current question is already answered here:
Where can I get a downloadable copy of INPA and DIS program online?
It is recommended that you follow the instructions posted there. Also, see this thread on how to use Bimmerfest OpenLab for free online access to additional information.


Win32/MFC Dialog with Treeview

I have made a small GUI with two buttons. Every time I click on the “Create” button a dialog is popped up with a TreeView. Now when I exit the dialog I want to continue my main app. I read about DialogResult. Yes I saw this link: Popup Dialog with Treeview but I do not understand how I should switch between the main application and the dialog?
I think I should do it with the DialogResult but I do not know how to start.
I hope you can help me 🙂


When you call the showDialog function passing whatever you want as a result, it returns a IDialogResult.
When you exit a dialog, you just call GetDialogResult and see if it returned IDOK or something else.
When you call myDialog->ShowDialog(), it will return IDOK if the user closed the dialog or IDCANCEL if he/she closed the dialog and the Cancel button was pressed.
And yes, if you want to continue doing what you were doing when the dialog was closed, you just call UpdateWindow() on the dialog once again.
As for the logic that determines when to call ShowDialog and UpdateWindow, you’ll have to look at it yourself. You have to understand how Windows apps work.
However, I can tell you this: if you want to have your main window respond as soon as the dialog closes, you’ll have to call the updateWindow function in your dialog’s class’s destructor because updateWindow will only be called once per dialog show and destroy sequence, regardless of how many times you called ShowDialog() and how many times you called UpdateWindow() on it.
By the way, you can also use a dialog template and then define its class as your dialog’s class (just make sure to change the class name from CDialog to whatever you named your dialog’s class). If the user clicks the close button of the dialog, the destroy event handler will run and the dialog will get removed. This will allow your main window to


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