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AutoCAD 2022 Crack is a commercial CAD program designed for architects and other professionals who design 2D and 3D buildings and structures. You can purchase AutoCAD for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android tablets and smartphones.

AutoCAD, Autodesk®, and 3ds Max® are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in the USA and/or other countries. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders.

Why use AutoCAD?

Create, modify, and annotate drawings in 2D and 3D.

Maintain and convert 3D models.

Create accurate and useful reports and other documentation.

Produce professional-looking 2D and 3D drawings, with assistance from the software.

Create 3D models directly from 2D drawings, which you can then animate, and use as props in videos or presentations.

Work in a collaborative manner and keep track of your work in shared files.

Make building-related drawings and design changes.

Create architectural and mechanical drawings.

Work in more realistic 3D using 3D CAD programs.

Make interactive 3D models and animations.

Create layouts and other 2D work.

Get expert answers and assistance from the Autodesk community.

See our list of AutoCAD books.

AutoCAD History

Autodesk first released AutoCAD in 1982. Since then, the company has launched several major revisions, and AutoCAD is now available in a variety of products, such as Windows and Mac computers and smartphones. AutoCAD and Autodesk are registered trademarks of Autodesk, Inc.

AutoCAD 2.2

AutoCAD 2.2 was released in March 1990. Its main new features were direct drawing of curves, offset boxes and paths, and text boxes. Later in 1990, software improvements were released for older applications.

AutoCAD 2.3

AutoCAD 2.3 was released in June 1991. Its major new features were the ability to do architectural drafting, working in 2D and 3D, animation, enhanced DWG capabilities, and 3D DWG viewing. AutoCAD was now a desktop application. AutoCAD

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There are also a number of add-on applications for AutoCAD Download With Full Crack that provide functionality similar to software packages such as Microsoft Office. For example, AutoCAD Routing applications provide straight line and circular route calculation capabilities. In addition, AutoCAD IronPython (an adaptation of Python for AutoCAD scripting) and AutoCAD Python packages are available.

Like AutoCAD itself, it is customizable and extensible. Third-party development platforms, such as Visual Studio and Eclipse (although not supported by Autodesk) can provide extensions for customizing AutoCAD and Autodesk Building Design Suite. Additionally, third-party development tools such as C4D, C++ Builder, Delphi, and Flexera/ADEPAR/SDFS/Editors provide AutoCAD-like API and extensibility.

The Extensible Application Markup Language (xAIML) is used to allow the creation of custom macros in AutoCAD.

Many add-on products for AutoCAD are available for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.


AutoCAD is a product suite of several different programs. The programs have different focuses; however, all share some common features. The user interface for all programs (RX, R2010, R2012, and R2013) is the same. The different programs have different features. To an outside viewer, it appears to be a single program. The programs are compatible with the others, so a user with a subscription to one or more of the programs can use the others. The user interface is based on the ribbon, from which most tools, options, and commands can be selected and activated.

Other than the user interface, AutoCAD is platform-independent. The programs can be run on Windows, macOS, Linux, and, as mentioned above, on iOS, Android, and Windows 10. It can be used by non-technical users or commercial entities. AutoCAD 2017 can connect to a local or networked SAP ERP systems. The programs also support Internet-based connectivity and, as of 2017, network connectivity is required in order to connect to the Internet, although connectivity to network-based systems such as SAP ERP, BIM, and PLM systems is possible via a web browser. AutoCAD can work with more than one CAD-related program at the same time.

The programs contain some tools which are unique to that program. These programs include

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If the license key is still displayed in the top-left corner of the main menu, start and choose “Activate the Autodesk Autocad 2016”.

After the activation of Autocad, the license key of Autocad 2016 is located in the file “licensing.config” in Autocad 2016.

External links

Autocad 2016Q:

Get a list of files in a folder with their size

I need to write a small utility to list files in a folder and their size.
All I can do is this:
public static void listFilesInFolder(String path)
File dir = new File(path);
File[] files = dir.listFiles();
for (File file : files) {
String fileName = file.getName();
if (fileName.contains(“.”)) {
fileName = fileName.substring(fileName.lastIndexOf(“.”), fileName.length());

But I am unable to parse the file size. Any idea how can I do this?


The getSize() method should be what you want, it’s available on and you can get the size in bytes.
But as mentioned in the comments, if you just want a list of files, you can use the File class’s getName() method:
public static void listFilesInFolder(String path)
File dir = new File(path);
File[] files = dir.listFiles();
for (File file : files) {
String fileName = file.getName();
if (fileName.contains(“.”)) {
fileName = fileName.substring(fileName.lastIndexOf(“.”), fileName.length());

What’s New in the?

Automate the way you work. Use the task bar to effortlessly send your feedback to CAD models with a single mouse click. (video: 1:06 min.)

Organize your drawing sets in the new Library Manager. Quickly select the most relevant parts of a drawing set, add to your Library, and easily get to them from any view. (video: 1:27 min.)

1-Click wireframe view and dimensioning:

Automatically prepare your drawings for rendering with the new rendering task bar. Choose the color and display style for your 2D views. (video: 1:05 min.)

Receive the content of external (cloud-based) files as real objects and smoothly integrate them into your models. (video: 1:41 min.)

Create and store reusable icons for drawing styles. (video: 1:07 min.)

Add project and drawing properties, so you can easily tag and reuse shared settings throughout your drawing sets. (video: 1:15 min.)

Improvements to drawing management and documentation:

Draw many drawings and use the new drawing management tools to organize them. Browse your drawings in searchable and filterable libraries. (video: 1:35 min.)

Label, tag, and categorize drawings. Select your drawings from the library or from the task bar. Categorize and tag drawings so they are easy to find. (video: 1:13 min.)

Revisit your work and explore edits with the new undo stack and the editing task bar. Apply edits to multiple drawings at once, with the same context and workspace as in the drawing. (video: 1:34 min.)

View comments and annotations from others in your drawings, and edit and send your own. Annotate drawings with comments or drawings and comments with annotations. (video: 1:34 min.)

Include annotations in editing and export actions to be applied to shared drawings. (video: 1:05 min.)

Export drawings and annotations to PDF for a clean and consistent user interface. (video: 1:06 min.)

All new dialogs and options in AutoCAD:

Connect and integrate with other applications, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, or Sway. Create and edit documents in Word and Sway, and then publish them to AutoCAD as drawings. (video: 1:50 min.)

Convert 2D drawings to 3D models and

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Important: Since the Gamescom Demo is a pre-release game, many features and content are not final. However, this demo is a good glimpse of what the full game will be like. This demo was created to showcase some of the gameplay, atmosphere, and story elements of the game and will be updated regularly as additional content is added. For more information, please visit our online blog at
You will need access to the following specifications to play the game.
• Windows 7 or later
• NVIDIA GeForce 600

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