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AutoCAD Cracked Accounts’s primary feature is the ability to create 2D drawings and 3D models, but it also provides many other useful tools for creating and modifying drawings and other types of documents. However, a knowledge of CAD concepts is essential to learn AutoCAD effectively.

AutoCAD is the most popular CAD application in the world, currently used by over 100 million users, and with around 3.5 million users as of 2017. This number is expected to grow as users learn about its capabilities and the benefits of having an integrated drawing software application.

Software can be purchased from the Autodesk website, or by local resellers and distributors. Licenses typically include the right to use it for a specified number of users and for a specified time.


As a 2D-designer, you can create, modify and draw shapes and lines, create new and existing geometric features, draw and modify text, and edit their properties and layer styles.

As a drafter, you can add text and symbols, create and modify blocks, create and edit layers, create and edit dimensions, create and edit profiles, create and edit symbols, and draw and modify polylines and splines.

As a technical support person, you can work with people who use AutoCAD to create schematics or to modify the behavior of existing components.

In this guide, we will be discussing how AutoCAD can be used to create 2D drawings, and also how it can be used as a technical support application.

Check out the main sections of this guide to learn about the most important AutoCAD features.

Different ways to use AutoCAD

Use the most important AutoCAD features to develop drawings. Make a 2D drawing or a drawing that is not 2D. The most important parts of AutoCAD to learn include the top menu bar, the drawing area, blocks, objects, layers, text, dimensioning, and drawing.

AutoCAD is a 2D-drawing application; hence, the most important things to learn are:

Drawing area: This is the area where you will be making your drawings, and it will be constrained by the page size. For example, if the page size is A3, the drawing area will be A3 × A3. The drawing area can be resized to any size.

Here’s how to set

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One of the most popular plugins is the drawing exchange system or DEx and is a feature of AutoCAD 2004 and later. DEx allows users to export and import drawings in DXF format and is available for 32-bit AutoCAD only. DEx was first included in AutoCAD 2000, but it was only made available for 32-bit software until AutoCAD 2003. When AutoCAD 2004 was released, 64-bit software had the DXF export capability. The first major release of AutoCAD in the Windows Vista operating system brought new features including a 64-bit architecture. With the release of AutoCAD R13, the 64-bit DXF export capability was made available for 64-bit software. AutoCAD also has a C++ API and can be used in any programming language including ObjectARX.

AutoCAD LT AutoCAD LT is AutoCAD’s light version. It is only available on the Macintosh platform. It is included in the office and professional editions of AutoCAD and is the same software with all the bells and whistles as AutoCAD except for the missing Drafting Tools and DXF Export. Autodesk released AutoCAD LT 2011 version 16 in October 2010. It is the first version that allows the use of 32-bit and 64-bit drawing files in a single drawing. AutoCAD LT 2016 introduced 64-bit native file format support.

AutoCAD LT Classic AutoCAD LT Classic is a 32-bit version of AutoCAD LT. It is intended for compatibility and legacy applications. AutoCAD LT Classic supports a 90-day trial version. AutoCAD LT Classic uses the same file format as AutoCAD LT, so only the older version of drawings are compatible with AutoCAD LT Classic. AutoCAD LT Classic is not compatible with newer releases of AutoCAD LT, so it is not recommended for new projects. AutoCAD LT Classic is only available for the Mac OS platform. AutoCAD LT Classic is included with the Professional and Business editions of AutoCAD LT.

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AutoCAD 24.2

Get to the installer and set the path in the properties.

Compatible with Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Add interactive Feedback to your drawings. Add feedback from paper and PDFs directly onto a surface of your drawing. (video: 8:44 min.)

Built-in Messaging:

Always keep your team up-to-date with your latest in-progress drawings. Keep your team in sync with automatically generated team calendars. (video: 8:44 min.)

Collaborative Drawing:

Work together on the same drawing with a shared space for notes, drawings, and comments. Use intelligent layouts to intelligently reuse and manipulate groups of drawings. (video: 11:05 min.)

Paper Space:

Crop, position, and rotate any portion of a paper space so that it can be used like any other drawing space. (video: 2:01 min.)

Easier Modeling:

Create your design quicker and easier with sophisticated modeling tools. Instant preview of most of your modeling tools and quicker switch between them for more efficient modeling. (video: 6:53 min.)

And more…

With the addition of many new drafting and modeling tools, you’ll have faster access to the tools you need, and more flexibility in how you use them.

Some of the new features, such as the new Paper Space tool and the new drawing scope view, can be used independently of the rest of the updated features.

To learn more about AutoCAD 2023, visit our What’s New page.

New Drafting and Modeling Tools

There are new drafting and modeling tools, including enhanced pencil grips and a new Paper Space tool, as well as the ability to align multiple objects to one another.

Paper Space tool

The new Paper Space tool is the fastest way to crop, position, and rotate any part of a drawing into a new design space, much like you would do with the command key shortcut “P”.

The new Paper Space tool opens on its own – you don’t have to click on a drawing area or type a command – and is independent of any other AutoCAD drawing window. You can select any part of a drawing and simply draw it into a new space that you can resize and move around.

“With the paper space tool, you can instantly drag a portion of a paper space from any part of a drawing to any other part,” explains Dan Sheehan, product manager

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3 (32-bit) or Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (32-bit) or Windows 8.1
Windows XP Service Pack 3 (32-bit) or Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (32-bit) or Windows 8.1 CPU: 1 GHz CPU
1 GHz CPU RAM: Minimum 2.8 GB of RAM
Minimum 2.8 GB of RAM HDD: Minimum 20 GB of free space
Minimum 20 GB of free space Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 or equivalent
Windows XP Service Pack 3 (

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