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Learn about AutoCAD 2018 for Architectural Design.

Advantages of using AutoCAD and its features

Works with Building Information Modeling (BIM) to create and manage models of your projects.

It can help you create or modify 3D drawings in just a few clicks.

It can also be used to prepare floor plans, elevations, sections, and more.

This free version of AutoCAD includes a suite of tools that are perfect for beginners.

Though the free version is not very powerful, it can still help you with creating 2D drawings.

This CAD tool can be used to draw general shapes like lines, rectangles, ellipses, circles, polygons, and text.

It is able to make a lot of geometric shapes and figures.

There are two kinds of tools in AutoCAD. Some of them are called commands, and the others are called expressions. Commands are used to perform the basic functions of AutoCAD. Examples of commands include the command to check spelling, and the command to select a certain block.

Expressions are used to manipulate drawings. Examples of expressions include converting lines to polygons, adding a text box, converting rectangles to squares, and using an eraser.

There are seven types of tools that you can use to edit a drawing. These include: the selection tool, the trace tool, the snap tool, the draw tool, the rotation tool, the measurement tool, and the edit tool.

The selection tool allows you to select a particular object in a drawing.

The trace tool allows you to select and draw around a specific area.

The snap tool allows you to select an area and drag it from one spot to another.

The rotation tool allows you to rotate a specific area in a drawing.

The draw tool allows you to draw geometric shapes and lines.

The measurement tool allows you to measure an object in a drawing.

The edit tool allows you to move objects around in a drawing.

This free download of AutoCAD can be used to draw regular lines, rectangles, circles, polygons, and text boxes. You can also use it to make and edit text with the text tool.

How to draw and edit objects

Drawing objects in AutoCAD is not that complicated. However, it is not that easy to edit and make changes to objects as compared to

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AutoCAD can work in concert with other D-I and D-A applications such as Microsoft Visio. It can also be configured to work with 3D modeling applications such as SolidWorks and Pro/E.

Since 2010, one of the main features of AutoCAD has been CADe, the automatic detection of drawings, which allow users to open and edit drawings in the standard AutoCAD application in addition to other applications.

AutoCAD supports a wide variety of features, some of the more common ones are listed below:

Drafting, documentation and data exchange
Grids, dimensions, alignment, and angle
Design reviews and virtual walk-throughs
Profiling and revising
Computer-aided design (CAD)
Multi-user interaction
Character modeling
Rigid body dynamics
Analysis and simulation
Coordinate transformation

AutoCAD has a variety of productivity tools and a variety of methods for designing a project. The methods include using parametric and non-parametric methods such as non-uniform rational B-spline (NURBS), parametric and NURBS surfaces, k-d tree, spline-based mesh and geo-mesh.

2D and 3D drafting

2D drafting is used for design and documentation. It is the ability to see and draw in an orthographic, isometric, or other projection, either on paper or in a digital drawing. 2D drafting can also be used to create accurate, high-resolution images of existing drawings in order to be able to accurately replicate the drawing.

2D drafting is one of the core AutoCAD capabilities. 2D drafting is the ability to display and edit drawings. A standard 2D view is similar to a pencil sketch, except that it is digital, and it allows you to work with multiple features of the object simultaneously. It is a simple drafting tool that is easy to use. It enables users to create drawings with any orientation and with any projection, such as isometric, polar, or perspective views.

2D drafting in AutoCAD is supported by a number of tools, such as the Push and Pull tool, which allows you to drag or reshape, rotate, or mirror the drawing. In addition, AutoCAD has the ability to insert an object into an existing drawing. This allows you to view the object from different angles.

3D drafting

AutoCAD 2023 24.2 Full Product Key [2022]

Go to the Autodesk website where you purchased Autocad
Click on the Autocad logo in the upper right corner
Click on “Tools”, then “Keygen”
Enter the license key, click “Generate”

If the license is for permanent use, the keygen gives you a serial number and key
If the license is for trial use, the keygen gives you a serial number.

The above procedure is applicable for the regular version of the software. To use a version with extended functionality, like the Architectural or Architectural Technician versions, the steps differ, but the procedure is the same.


Not much is known about the development process for Autocad. It is widely believed that Autocad is a developed internally by Autodesk, however, most of the code is not public.

The code used in Autocad is not a simple derivative of the legacy AutoCAD. First of all, Autocad is an entirely new project that does not use AutoCAD code as a basis. Second of all, Autocad is an entirely different program that does not use any legacy AutoCAD code. Even if it was derived from AutoCAD code, the legacy code would be cut out.

The Autocad code does use some of the legacy AutoCAD code. However, this is very little and cannot be said to be used heavily. The Autocad source code uses the legacy AutoCAD code with as few changes as possible. The Autocad team has always been a small group, estimated around 10 to 20 people. The Autocad development process is probably the most secretive of all Autodesk products, even more than the source code.

The Autocad team is sometimes rumored to be the same team that is developing ArcGIS. For example, it is rumored that the two projects are the same. However, there are no public evidence that Autocad was started as a complete replacement for AutoCAD. On the other hand, the highly advanced code of Autocad does reveal some of the techniques used in Autodesk development.

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What’s New in the?

Teach someone new to AutoCAD in less time, with less effort. Markup Assist lets you teach AutoCAD from the screen by guiding and explaining your steps for importing, moving, and annotating objects, without requiring them to see your drawings or drawings they’re creating.

You can start from scratch and customize what appears on the tutorial screen to fit your personal style, or you can import your existing tutorial.

Extending Marks:

CAD includes an extensive selection of tools and symbol libraries, but sometimes you need to define your own symbols, shapes, or lines that are specific to your needs. AutoCAD 2019 introduced two new libraries: Extended Marks and Symbols.

Extended Marks (EM) lets you define custom shapes and lines with parametric or tool-independent parts. EM enables you to create customizable symbols and lines that can be shared with others.

With Symbols, you can easily define your own symbol libraries, organized by letter or by function. Symbols include references to source pages, icons, fonts, images, 3D models, and customizable annotations. Symbols are used for annotating drawings and also for defining custom symbol fonts, logos, and labels.

Select the Automatically Update Symbol Library check box when you create an EM symbol. When you create a symbol that you want to share, select the File icon, then choose Create Symbol from File. (video: 4:35 min.)

Extended Marks: Use the following options to define the parametric parts of an EM symbol.

To create a one-sided EM symbol, select the one-sided check box in the Create Options section. For example, you can create a circle that has a hole, a star, or a cross-through. The following shapes have been added to the drop-down list of options.

To create a box, select the box in the Create Options section. For example, you can create a tray that has a lid, a drawer, or a shelf.

You can create a text box that lets you add a text annotation with the following options:

If you use the box or text box, the Create Options window shows the result of using the selected options. If you don’t select any options, the Create Options window is empty.

The following options control the dimensions and arrangement of the elements in an EM symbol.

To create a box,

System Requirements:

* Requires Wargus
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Version 0.1.2 added:
* New release on the 25th of February 2014
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