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Become a legend. Become an outlaw. Become anything at all.

The Soundtrack for Rhiza is Volume 1 of an ongoing release, each volume bringing the music of Rhiza to your ears in a series of chapters, each one featuring a different artist. Artists such as Adam Nash, Neil Burdick, Kieron Tully, Pitchfork, and others have created their own unique take on the songs of Rhiza and now we’re welcoming you in.

Rhiza, as it’s been described, is a high fantasy RPG where all choices have consequences. In fact, the consequences can be quite drastic. There are no right answers, no right heroes, no right outcomes, no good endings. Whatever you do here, in this world, has significance – good or evil.

Our story begins with a great war. The Sun Queen and her armies have arrived at a small village to challenge the people. Naturally, these two factions can’t live together – the Sun Queen would take over the village. She would establish a kingdom, and the people would be her serfs, until she decided to grant the people a limited amount of freedom.

In this world, the people are unsure who to trust. Those who were in the Sun Queen’s army are now heretics to the true religion. They are no better, no more loyal. Some of the Sun Queen’s army are now leading their own armies. You can follow one of those teams and fight alongside them. Or, you can head to the other side and seek out the leader of the Dark Queen’s army and work with her. Be careful, however. Her armies are just as much a danger to you as the Sun Queen’s armies, and the outcome will never be certain, because every action can have one of two possible outcomes. Do you fight to stop the others from conquering the small village, or do you allow the Sun Queen to establish her kingdom? What will you do?

The Soundtrack for Rhiza is Volume 1 of an ongoing release, each volume bringing the music of Rhiza to your ears in a series of chapters, each one featuring a different artist. Artists such as Adam Nash, Neil Burdick, Kieron Tully, Pitchfork, and others have created their own unique take on the songs of Rhiza and now we’re welcoming you in.

Rhiza is a high fantasy RPG with the option for single player or multiplayer online play. In multiplayer mode, it’s up to you and your friends to


Features Key:

  • This release houses the official game soundtrack, and is available for free! (Thank you very much!)
  • 24 Classical scenes of inner quiet, upbeat animations and Comedy scenes of games!
  • Soundtrack lyrics and Editing tools by Laurent Cruveiller.
  • Music to listen it in your mood/hangout.

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    Artizens Official Soundtrack Vol. 1 Crack + With Keygen For PC

    You are young, you are strong, and you have something to prove. You’re a newcomer to the Hyper-Hyper-Tech world of Rhiza, and you’re being drafted into the United States’ new Military Unit. It’s a dangerous game. The laws of Rhiza are many and varied, and they need to be respected. All of the lawbreakers are locked up and experimented on. Who are you? Who was your mother, and what are you? Can you become someone to be proud of? Join the fray – learn about battle tactics, behave, and become the deadliest soldier on Earth!Rodgers: I had an ‘awakening’ moment as new Arsenal manager

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    Artizens Official Soundtrack Vol. 1 Crack + Activation Code X64 [Updated]

    Volume 2 of the Official Artizens Soundtrack by Adam Nash, featuring 20 diverse tracks from the world of Rhiza.1. Become Anything 02:042. Ketsa Cove 02:1303. Busy at the Workshop 01:4404. Risks and Rewards 02:4415. Tober Woods 03:0516. Armed to the Teeth 01:1217. Armed to the Teeth – Final Push 03:1718. Today, We’re Victorious 02:3419. The Buzzing Terror 01:0920. The Buzzing Terror – Final Push 01:1521. Far Away From Home 02:5622. Sunset on the Plains 02:2623. Peaceful Seas 03:1524. Goodbye Nova Alexandria 02:4625. Reinvent Ourselves 01:2626. Reinvent Ourselves (Trailer Cut) 01:0927. Showdown on the Plains (Chronicles of Sound Remix) 02:2028. Something Wicked. 03:1029. Cloudbound Cliffs 02:1130. Sunset on the Plains (Chronicles of Sound Remix) 03:27

    Sound Designers: James Ledfield ( and Christopher Turaz ( & Additional Sound Design: Adam Nash (

    History of Rhiza

    My name is Teemu Ranta, and I have been working in the visual effects world for over 15 years now. During the course of my career I have worked on a variety of films and games, which are large productions involving lots of artists working together in a variety of departments. I am experienced in working on large projects and my reputation has been built on the efficiency I bring to work. I have, in many ways, “been there and done that”, and have worked on big games and movies in many countries, both in Europe and in America.

    I want to bring my skills to your projects. It’s a pleasure to work with people who can drive a project through to a polished release. It’s a particular pleasure to work with you as a client, because I know you’re going to be enthusiastic about the project, and enthusiastic about the work.

    One thing I love about my job is that it is fun and exciting. Visual effects is a field that is growing every day, and


    What’s new:

      Artizens is a rock band from San Diego, California. The group released their first video album, Artizens Official Soundtrack Vol. 1, on October 14, 2011, under their new record label label, WeLoveSound. Artizens Official Soundtrack Vol. 1 features video footage from the band’s entire behind-the-scenes production of their hit EP, The Artisans, including live backstage performances, videography, renderings, and artistic concepts. It also includes video clips of each band member’s favorite scenes from the group’s live debut EP show at San Diego, California’s Bindlestiff Studio on March 29, 2011. These two volumes in the Artizens Official Soundtrack series were produced and are distributed by WeLoveSound in Los Angeles, California. This release is Artizens’ first official release of music, including their debut EP and its pre-order release of Short Movie included on the EP as a bonus.

      The EP, The Artisans was released on June 29, 2011 and was a pre-order of their upcoming debut LP, MMLCU, to be released on October 18, 2011. The EP’s EP cut, Short Movie, was released to the public in early April 2011. This form of downloads, EP’s, download cards, and pre-orders were to create hype for the album release.

      The Artisans EP was very successful, reaching #2 in the iTunes Guitar Charts. It was released as their first video download. The video is a compilation of various live backstage performances, videography, an animated video drawing, conceptual renderings and other behind-the-scenes work from the band’s EP production. Each of the band members featured in videos and animated videos, including lead vocalist-guitarist Tyler Booth, keyboardist Gabe Jamieson, drummer Connor Craun, bassist Luke Doyle, and vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Alfredo Vera. Another alumnus of Artizens, guitarist Gabe Jamieson also created the artwork for the video. Because the album was a pre-order, the EP was available digitally and to fans who bought the CD at shows, as well as those who pre-ordered the EP on iTunes.

      Artizens have recorded cover songs for the band’s first EP, The Artisans and album, MMLCU. These cover songs and these, how these songs and band members came together, and the band’s live show production are recounted on Artizens


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