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The transport of the RF signal from the base station to the mobile switching center can be referred to as the forward path, and the transport of the RF signal from the mobile switching center to the base station can be referred to as the return path. At any one time, it is possible that traffic may be present in one of the forward or return paths, and not in the other. For example, traffic in the forward path may be in a specific direction between certain base stations and the mobile switching center, but there may be no traffic in the return path. Additionally, at any one time, the network may be simultaneously transporting traffic in both the forward and the return paths.
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The dates and offers were announced today by Digital Extremes CEO Cliff Bleszinski who also had a talk with Patrick Bach on the PS4 Countdown show.

The PS4/PC FPS also has some additional themed content, such as a new black and white map called “Infernal” and new skins are coming.

One of the skins announced will be an update for the new release of the game. A new stick skin will include plenty of red & blue colors and will work as his weapon for $0.99.

The full announcement video for Global Offensive is below:Q:

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