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Aikman Series Programming With C Pdf Free Download


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Sep 1, 2019
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C#: P/Invoke Win16 API with dynamic buffer

I have to do some bookkeeping for my program in a Win16 native API. I use the site to get the proper C# declarations for the function. However, my method cannot get the pchar buffer from the function, so it produces System.AccessViolationException.
My current code:
[DllImport(“Swin.dll”, SetLastError=true)] static extern int GetRValue(char pchBuffer, int nSize);

pchBuffer = new char[100];
GetRValue(pchBuffer, sizeof(pchBuffer));

I read that you cannot change the pchar buffer passed to the function, so the new size of 100 would need to be passed instead. However, I don’t know how to do that. Can you give me a hint?


In many cases simply gives code that doesn’t work. For example it gives you the pchBuffer parameter to GetRValue(), but it doesn’t tell you that the size of this parameter is nSize. It is indeed not possible to provide the buffer with an arbitrary size to a native function, because there is no way of finding the address of a buffer of size nSize.
You’re lucky is rather good at catching mistakes. For example it tells you:

Returns an error if nSize is invalid or is less than zero.

This is exactly what happens with your code, because nSize is too small.

Note, that nSize is already size of pchBuffer. What you want to do is to allocate space for the buffer.


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