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Name Adventure Chronicles: The Search For Lost Treasure
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Adventure Chronicles: The Search For Lost Treasure Features Key:

  • Adventure Chronicles: The Search For Lost Treasure
  • 7 Challenges
  • Beautiful HD Graphics


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Adventure Chronicles: The Search For Lost Treasure

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What’s new in Adventure Chronicles: The Search For Lost Treasure:

Adventure Chronicles: The Search For Lost Treasure is an adventure game released in 1997 for the Sega Saturn and PlayStation in Japan, and for the PlayStation and PC in Europe. It is the second game in the Adventure Chronicles series after the PlayStation adventure game The Man Without A Memory. Story The game begins with the Second World War near concluding and the world being converted into a democracy. The game is set around London, where the British, Russians, Japanese, and Chinese forces are destroying the buildings and attacking each other on all sides. In 1943, a Korean scientist named Dr. Mun-jin ran an experiment with the atom bomb in the midst of all this devastation. He described a wormhole, which was invisible and could make the entire world disappear, to the Japanese Army. After failing to reach the Russians and getting taken captive as a spy, Dr. Mun-jin managed to escape his captors and during his escape, the Russians, Chinese, and British forces entered through the wormhole. This started off the third chapter of the game. In an institute, Dr. Mun-jin met up with Lee, a would-be spy, who gave him a Makarov pistol and the clockwork pistol that is needed to fight the Goliath robot. Mun-jin fled from the advancing forces. During this time, a young girl named Jane Nighf, another would-be spy, and her maid, who are looking for Mun-jin, get caught in the chaos. She was imprisoned in a laboratory and a bomb was set off. Several hours later, Dr. Mun-jin met up with a platoon of soldiers (probably from the Allied army), and another group of soldiers who are looking for him, as well as his shipment of atom bombs, which he hid under a building. The game now fast forwards to 1986. Mun-jin had been in hiding since 1943, except for a few glimpses of the world as seen through the Goliath. A girl named Gamat allows Mun-jin to stay with her, and brings him to for the mission to locate The Daggers, the team that started all the troubles. Mun-jin mentioned in the memory bank that the General was assembled in London from all the countries allied forces, some of whom he had encountered that day, and the rest of whom are supporting him. After the game begins, Gamat holds a so-called Black Kite Academy, in which students are honed into covert spies, and various National Security


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    The Game:

    Adventure Chronicles: The Search For Lost Treasure is an adventure game where you play as a peasant searching for treasure in the place where wave after wave of monsters decimate everything.

    Adventure Chronicles is a breath of fresh air when it comes to games.

    Adventure Chronicles: The Search For Lost Treasure has an objective that makes sense. Is this game really about searching for treasure? Not really.

    You are challenged to find an artifact that can restore us to our past and undo all the evil that was done.

    In the game, you are challenged to explore an open world filled with caverns, mountains, forests, sea and much more.

    Everything has a purpose and meaning in the game world.

    It’s simplistic, but the gameplay will take some time to get familiar with.

    Adventure Chronicles has some frustrating moments. However, this is no spoiler alert. I don’t want to ruin the game for those who haven’t found any adventure.

    It’s a great game to play sometimes. Buy it.

    Play it for free.

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    System Requirements For Adventure Chronicles: The Search For Lost Treasure:

    Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 1 GHz Processor (Intel or AMD) 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended) 1.5 GB VRAM DirectX 9.0c Internet Explorer 9.0 Saved Games Supported Designed By: Director: Simon Kerley Creative Director: Jason West Creative Lead: Andrew Eichele Technical Director: Graham Hopper Gameplay Lead: Chris Mears Gameplay Programmer: Noel Kirkpatrick Gameplay Program


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