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This article takes you through the basic steps involved in creating a simple image using Photoshop. You will work with a simple eye using the Free Radial Blur filter to add blur. You will create a layer mask using a few simple techniques, and you will use the clone stamp to fill in the gap between the eye and a black background.

Create a New Document

To begin creating a new image in Photoshop, choose File > New. A new document will appear. If you are using an older version of Photoshop, you might see the older File > New dialog box.

Photoshop Default Default Photoshop

Photoshop has many filters and a variety of brushes available for you to apply to your new image. The Filters drop-down menu has a variety of options for you to choose from. The Brushes drop-down menu in the options bar has options for you to choose from as well.

Save for the Web Adobe Silverlight

As you learn how to use Photoshop, you might want to create a page for the Web. Use the Save for Web dialog box to create a web-ready file that can be viewed in a web browser. Choose File > Save for Web. Web-ready files can be viewed in the web browser with the help of Adobe Silverlight. With a website, you are able to add advertising to it, and you can embed a Flash movie or Silverlight movie to create a rich experience.

The Web-ready file can be saved in Photoshop, JPEG, GIF, or PNG format. You can also create a separate PDF file with a separate layer for the text and background.

Once you have your web-ready file, use File > Publish > Export. Choose a format that you would like for the Web. This will create a new page in the document that you are working in.

Organize Layers Photoshop: Create Multiple Layers

With the new document, choose Layer > New > Layer. The New Layer dialog box will appear. In the Name listbox, type in “Eye”. If you do not see the New Layer dialog box, choose Window > New.

The New Layer dialog box can be switched to Visible or Invisible. To make a layer visible, check the box next to it. To make a layer invisible, untick the box to the left of it.

With the Eye layer visible, you can see the Blur layer

Adobe Photoshop CC

Our top 10 list of Photoshop alternatives covers this data-intensive and widely used graphics software.

Online courses for beginners

Learn to design websites, logos, illustrations, PSDs, social media logos, and more with these Photoshop CC courses from Canva.

The best free icons generators

For free icons you can download all sorts of images for free, but where are they? Our list of top 10 icons generators covers all the right places to find and download icons. Whether you’re looking for social media icons, website icons or app icons, we’ve got you covered.

News websites

These websites are your source for the best news and interesting articles on the web.

The best Photoshop alternatives

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular graphics editing software and it is used by everyone – whether you are a graphic artist, a web designer, an indie illustrator or a photographer. Here are some of the best alternatives.

Pixlr is the easiest, fastest and most fun free alternative to Photoshop. Available on a desktop web browser and a mobile app, it has a very simple user interface and comes with many useful photo editing features including filters and effects.

Google Docs: Google’s free cloud-based document editor is very basic but very useful. It can be used as a multipurpose file manager and text editor. For all the digital artists out there, is a free online drawing tool. It’s a simple and versatile vector graphics editor.

Shapeways: If you design your own 3D printed objects, then you’ll appreciate Shapeways. They don’t only allow you to design them, but also print them at home.

Photo apps

Whether you are a casual photographer or a pro, you can always use Photoshop-like photo editing apps.

Lr Apps: This is a simple photo editor app for iPhone with a very intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.

Adobe Photoshop alternatives

Here are the best alternative graphic editors for professionals.

GIMP: The free and open source graphics editing program is widely used by graphic artists, photographers and enthusiasts. It supports many graphic file formats including Photoshop images.

Online Photoshop tutorials

For web developers and Photoshop beginners, Adobe provides lots of tutorials online. Here are some of the best.

Adobe shows you how to efficiently

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how to dynamically call a function with array as arguments

I have the following array of objects
const options = [
{name:”N1″, value:”1″},
{name:”N2″, value:”2″},
{name:”N3″, value:”3″},
{name:”N4″, value:”4″},
{name:”N5″, value:”5″}

and the function to be called is below.
function option(name,value){
return {
options: […options],
single: value

The problem is that I don’t know how to dynamically call the function passing name and value as arguments. I have tried using bracket notation for options but it doesn’t work as expected. I am having issues with the array properties.


you will have to create an object from your options before passing it as an object to the option function.

const options = [
{name: “N1”, value: “1”},
{name: “N2”, value: “2”},
{name: “N3”, value: “3”},
{name: “N4”, value: “4”},
{name: “N5”, value: “5”}

const obj = {
options: options

const newObj = {
newOption: () => {
return {
options: […options],
single: undefined

const callFunction = (name, value) => newObj.newOption();
console.log(callFunction(‘N1’, ‘1’));

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