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There are tutorials for beginners to learn how to work with the Adobe Bridge interface to import images and to launch Photoshop.

Experienced photographers can also use Photoshop with some tweaking. This chapter explores Photoshop’s many powerful features and how you can use them to create stunning images. By the end of the chapter, you’ll have a better appreciation for how Photoshop works and how to wield its many tools to make your own images come to life.

Making tweaks for better pictures

Image editing tools are used to fine-tune the images you capture — or even to entirely create the image you want. The process of adjusting an image is referred to as retouching, and it can be used to sharpen the image, or even to remove unwanted details from your images. After you put together the right settings in Photoshop, you can crop or resize the image for resubmission.

Photoshop has many different tools to aid in the creation of pictures and presentations, including:

Lens Correction: This option is particularly useful for landscape photographers who want to correct for camera distortion.

Lasso tools: These tools make it easy to select objects in your image and remove them by using a wand around the object.

Plug-ins: These are a series of add-on programs that plug into the Photoshop program. These plug-ins make the use of Photoshop easier and more advanced as they give users options not available in the basic program.

Slideshow Wizard: Slideshow Wizard is a tool that creates a program to create sliders to create photo and video slideshows.

Tools: This tool has some special tools not found in other Photoshop programs.

Photoshop has an extensive help system that includes plenty of online tutorials and how-to videos, as well as a window that is specifically dedicated to online resources. Check out the Help (Windows), Information (Mac), and Adobe Help pages to find the resources you need.

Photoshop’s Lens Correction tool

Depending on your camera’s settings, your images are sometimes affected by lens distortion. If you’re working with aerial photography, you might even see a little barrel distortion.

When you shoot a subject (such as flowers, buildings, and people) at a certain distance, the depth of field is too small, and everything in the image is in focus, including the background.

To correct for this, you can use the Lens Correction tool in Photoshop. This tool makes it easy to remove lens distortion from your

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In this page we will show you how to edit, create and save images in Photoshop elements.



Your image on the Canvas

Your image on a New Layer

Adding a Layer

Your image in the Layers panel

Your image in the Layers panel


Your image with 2 Layers

Your image with 2 Layers


Your image with 2 Layers

New Layer / Clone

Moving a layer

Merging Layers

3D tools



Corrective alignment

Layers panel

Photoshop Elements supported functions

Activate the PS Elements panel on top of the main window with the following keyboard shortcut:


Some functions of Photoshop can be accessed from this panel:

Go to the selected layer



New Layer

Rotate (left or right)

Bring Forward/Send Backward

Create a New Layer




Pixel adjustments

Adjustment layers





Auto Color


Spot Healing














Your image with 2 Layers

Adjustment layers

Change the foreground color to white

An old school photo with 2 layers. The flowers on the left hand side are a layer, the photo is a layer and the horizontal line is a pattern layer.

Removing layer layers

The dog was removed with 3 layers.

Make your image 2 layers

Your Image with 2 Layers

Border adjustments

Square corners

Rotate (left or right)

Border in blue

Padding in black

Corner radius in yellow

Enhance Contrast



Blur an Object

Frosty Day


Dried fruits



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Eraser Tool
The Eraser Tool can be used for a variety of effects, including smoothing, unsharp masking, and clipping paths.
The Gradient tool is used to create various gradients. You can adjust the color, gradient and transparency of each gradient stop.
A Pen tool can be used for drawing lines and shapes. Photoshop has several different pen types, including brush, marker, and shape, each with its own unique uses.
Other drawing tools include the Ellipse tool, the Rectangle tool, the Rounded Rectangle tool, and the Line tool.
Photoshop has several tools that enable you to do various operations with your image. These include selecting, resizing, recoloring, cropping, and the above-mentioned Pen tool.
The Lasso tool is similar to an ink-jet printer’s laser pointer. It enables you to select a small area of an image for different effects. The Lasso tool is also useful for completing the path to create a layer mask or exporting an image.
Photoshop’s Masking tool is useful when cropping images or when protecting parts of an image from the background.
Once you have created a new image, it is essential to adjust its settings. For example, if you create a new image, it is important to check the Fill and Stroke dialog boxes. By doing this, you can change the colors and type of stroke.
Photoshop has the Touch-Ups panel, which is a table you can use for managing your touch-ups. You can also use the Restore Points and History panels to aid in managing your work.
The Layers panel allows you to assign layers to groups. These groups can be assigned different attributes, like different blending modes and opacity settings. Each layer also has a visibility mode. For example, you can adjust the visibility of a layer by checking or unchecking its visibility box.
Photoshop CS5 has improved the Workflow panel and allows you to do multiple steps in one interface. You can also set up your own custom workspaces.
Like other programs, Photoshop CS5 can create backups of your files, including your photos and actions, and restore them when needed.
Create your own custom effects with Photoshop’s Filter Forge plugin. This tool allows you to apply filters to a photo and then edit them. Photoshop has a variety of filters, including exposure, color, dodge, burn, and grain.
Use the Blend tool to add and remove color from specific areas of an image

What’s New in the Adobe Photoshop CC 2018?

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System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop CC 2018:

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