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Accurender Nxt Product Key


The Accurender Nxt product key and serial numbers can be found on your receipt or on your online order confirmation.
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File access in Python with MongoDB-Databases

I have installed the package “mongoengine”. It is a middleware for connecting mongoDB databases to Flask.
Now, I’m trying to access the database with python code, but I just can find one simple example and I need one working example to understand how it works.
This is the link to the package documentation:

This is an example of how it is used:
from mongoengine import connect

def db_route():

The problem is that I don’t know how to pass the connection to the function.
Is there anybody who have the same problem and can help me?


The connection is kept in the app variable of the function db_route.
def db_route():
# save connection in the app variable in the same scope
app.testing = connect(‘gtest’)

Appending to the connect method will bind it to the app.
def db_route():
app.testing = connect(‘gtest’)
# or append to connect method = app

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