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What’s going on guys, how are you doing? I’m so excited to share with you guys, today I have for you something really special. Something that not only I believe it’s gonna make you. . And you can. I mean, video is going to do so much for you. Whether you. . Pretty amazing. And so it began and so I recorded this video from my living room, while I like I sleep on the comfy bed. . But the truth is that. I was laying on the hardwood floor. . So be sure to, if you have any troubles, which I’m sure you will, be sure to check out my youtube channel because I’ve got a link in the description. So be sure to check that out. . Thank you so much for spending you time and I hope you liked this video. . SUBSCRIBE: DISCORD: WWHY LITTLE DID I KNOW I WOULD MAKE THIS MY 11TH VLOG! And because of the fact that I probably won’t do this on Monday, I thought I’d give you this vlog while I’m still enjoying the holiday weekend! I hope this video was helpful! #hologram #dji #myvlog #vlogs #holidayvlogs #vlogging #uberhawk #djiblaze #mylifewithdji #djiinguy #uberhawkbydji #dji #lifewithdji #remote #journey #avirtualtour #awaywithliliane #alongwithdji #indie#avirtualtours #indievlogs #indietraveler #travel #vlog #travelwithdji #uberhawkforlife #mylifewithdji #damianoliveira #mydjiinguy #rajeantaylor #djiinguy #mydjiinguy #djiinguyvlogs #dji #lifewithdji Mentioned in this video: dji subscription pls! uberhawk dji ronin x 100 dji esp falcon x 100 falcon hd x 100 halogen lighting This is


A: Searching for a Spanish subtitle with Google will bring up A LOT of (very) bad results. The first one I found (that is actually good) is at MediaMonks. There is also a Spanish option for MediaMonks but it is very rough; however, it will cut off any parts that do not fit. On MediaMonks you can use the program “Edit a subtitle”. As far as I can tell, there is no way to cut off parts of the movie. You have to cut them yourself on the spot, or request the original subtitle file and try to get in contact with the original subber. CLEVELAND, OH – SEPTEMBER 25: Phil Dawson #4 of the Cincinnati Bengals leaps for a touchdown after the catch against the Cleveland Browns on September 25, 2016 at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) Cleveland Browns safety Phil Dawson has a message for Jacksonville Jaguars fans: “At least we’re not losers.” Jacksonville Jaguars fans have to read this one carefully, because it involves a certain former member of their team who will be on the field for all of the home games. Jacksonville has made an apparent decision to keep Dawson, a former first-round pick in the 2000 draft, on their roster. They signed him to a four-year, $19 million contract after he played exclusively as a backup with the New York Jets in 2017. Dawson’s played sparingly with Cleveland the last couple years, making 15 starts in 44 games while playing safety for the Browns, although he primarily earned some starts as a kick returner. The 26-year-old spent a couple years in Washington, which makes him one of two active players still under contract with a team that hasn’t made the playoffs since 2007. You might not remember the name Phil Dawson, but you remember what he did, right? He played 16 games for the Cleveland Browns in 2002, including one of the greatest plays in the history of professional football. We’ll let Dawson’s former teammate and Browns Hall of Famer Jim Brown describe that play during a pregame ceremony in Cleveland this week: “I was a middle linebacker. If you remember, he had kind of held the center of the defense back so that he could be the extra blocker,” Brown said. a2fa7ad3d0


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